Desktop-Banner_Improve Proctor to Candidate ratio by 500%

Improve Proctor to Candidate ratio by 500% as compared to brick-and-mortar test evaluations

Engage Remote Proctoring 

Education and evaluation tests are significant growth components in developed and developing economic regions. Neglecting this sphere of development due to any geopolitical upheavals can cause negative growth for the economy and future generations. Online education forums in collaboration with Universities and Education boards took proactive steps to alleviate this concern of continuing education amidst the backdrop of major market upheavals. However, education is incomplete without a proper candidate evaluation and assessment.

Remote Proctoring is at the forefront of emerging technologies in the global education technology scenarios. It is a more robust form of candidate evaluation for an online examination attempt. Early adopters have completed high-stake test evaluations and rapid scale-up of the infrastructure to accommodate 3000 to 5000 remote assessments per day in stark contrast to brick and mortar test evaluations. Remote Proctoring comprises an entire set of highly accurate and scalable solutions while offering superior candidate experience.

Thumbnail_Improve Proctor to Candidate ratio by 500%


Key Takeaways

Adopt Remote Proctoring to improve Proctor to Candidate ratio beyond 500% as compared to a brick and mortar setup.

Use Agile, PCI, and ISO-certified Proctoring processes to improve the program integrity across the globe.

Use scalable Remote Proctoring programs to support the edutech platforms with a short lead time.

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