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Increased Productivity for a UK Based Examination Institute


The client covers a wide range of courses in testing English Language for applicants who are looking to apply for study visa or immigration, preparing for an admission test, or want to polish their English Language skills and partners with governments, schools, colleges and universities across the world for examination




The Client was looking to offshore the customer service functions for course assessment and evaluation to a third party provider.Due to the sensitive nature of the work (evaluation for visa and immigration purposes), they required a partner who was reliable, trust worthy and capable of providing high caliber agents.

The associates needed to have unique credentials: each associate to be a Qualified Teacher with minimum two years of teaching experience in last 8 years, TESOL Certified & experienced in teaching ESOL. Furthermore, each associate had to pass extensive, global background checks.


Datamatics hired 100 associates and trained them in batches and redesigned the usual recruitment cycle to cater to unique requirements of the client. This customized strategy led to a focused candidate approach with a 95% approval rate

Approved agents provide review and customer support service to students and applicants. Agents are referred to as Markers and are responsible for checking and auditing the exams.

First batch of agents were hired in 30 days, went live in 15 days post hire. Dedicated workspace, PCI, ISO compliant center. All agents are based in Manila, Philippines.


22% Productivity

22% Productivity

Increased within 2 months of going live.

40% Cost Saving


Cost savings

3 Months Hiring Including background checks

3 Months

End to end hiring including stringent background checks, ramp up and training period

8.5 Consistent CSAT Scores from go-live Data


Consistent CSAT scores from go-live date

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