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Automate your entire loan management process and increase customer satisfaction

Intelligent Automation for Loan Management

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform enables banks and financial services to ingest unstructured data. It uses its pre-processing and post-processing features to conclude the process with high accuracy. It's AI/ML components allow ingesting any document with a template-free approach. It has an in-built capability to conduct inter-document sanity checks, fraud detection, and elimination. It enables banks and financial services to obtain customer data and assess the property value in a fraction of the time compared to manual processing. It also allows fulfillment of all compliance measures and state regulations through validation with federal systems.

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Automation Use Cases for Loan Management

VAHAN Transaction system

Intelligent Automation enabled mobile automation to auto-verify and auto-validate vehicle registration certificates by fetching inputs from multiple third-party applications, in this case, Government mobile applications, mParivahan and Vahan Master

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Loan Due Report

Use Intelligent Automation to flag off loans that are due. Import a set of files from different branches and territories and create a single file by augmenting records. Auto-mail the file to stakeholders and the borrowers (customers) 15 days prior to the scheduled EMI or Loan repayment.

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Balance Register

Automate the balance register process to monitor whether all the charges that are necessary for loan processing are collected from the customer. If not, then various account types are auto-updated (credit/debit) to balance the data as per pre-defined rules.

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Loan Closure NOC

Automate the process for issuing loan closure no objection certificate (NOC). On receiving the supporting documents and the pending loan amount cheque from the customer, the bot checks the core banking system for any further pending amount. If pending, the bot stops the further process and updates the corresponding remark in the system. If not pending, it initiates the NOC creation and auto-emails it to the concerned stakeholders for review and dispatch.

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Retail Asset Detail Modification

Use RPA bots to auto-check the documents received through loan applications. In case of any difference in the details from the existing data in the core banking system, then it triggers a new process to update the same in the system and routes it through a human approver in the Retail Asset Modification team. In case the customer does not have earlier savings account and only the loan account, the bot does the modification in the loan application system through a human approver.

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Express Loan Booking

Use RPA to book express loans. The bot prepares loan or leverages approval template followed by a loan voucher to disburse the loan. The bot updates the collected data through multiple touchpoints in the core banking system.

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Loan Repayment

Use Intelligent Automation to identify the account for which the outstanding loan amount exists. Find whether the customer has a sufficient amount in the account for loan repayment. Estimate the proper value date on which repayment is mandated.

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Loan Exposure Report

Generate a single file by retrieving all the records from different files to calculate the final loan amount due report. Auto-mail the file to all the stakeholders.

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Loan Exposure Sheet

Bot logs in to core banking site and fetches all data related to social security numbers and massages the data to generate a final output exposure excel file and XML file which is auto-mailed to all stakeholders. This helps to calculate the loan exposure.

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Gold Metal Loan (GML)

Verify the counter party borrowing Gold Metal Loan (GML) by touchbasing with various internal and third party systems (such as Murex, Metagrid, Income Tax, Section 20, GST, CAR, OFCC, Finacle, AMLOCK, IVIEW, LEI, etc., in India). Sanction the GML only if the counter party and its trade functionaries are clear in all the systems.

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Loan Request Posting

Post loan requests received through omni-channel processing and customer service desk in the core loan management system.

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Loan Processing

Verify credentials, process and disburse loans including new loans, PO financing and part disbursement.

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Fraud Detection

Use RPA bots coupled with Artificial Intelligence algorithms to collate data from various sources and data received with a loan application. Pass the loan application through an AML mechanism and third-party affiliations to scan the application for eliminating potentially fraudulent loan applications.

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Loan Documents Migration

Migrate loan applications, scanned papers, and supporting documents from various repositories to a central document management system (DMS).
Augmenting intelligent data capture in the process enables the loan processing department to expedite the process of conversion of loan applications into digital assets.

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Loan Application Process

Expedite the processing of high-value loans by using Intelligent Automation on a digital platform. Quickly obtain customer data, assess the value of the property that is mortgaged, and obtain valuation reports from different sources to accelerate the process from weeks to a couple of days.

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SME Credit Management

Efficiently manage the small lines of credit and the capital injection requirement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and retailers even at peak seasons by engaging Intelligent Automation atop an online digital platform. Improve the speed of processing through the online automated credit platform that makes it easy for SME businesses to apply for loans as well as for the lenders to speedily process and approve the loan applications.

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Loan Payment Processing

Gather missing information and additional data required for the process from third party sites. Apply payment procedures to borrowers' accounts in a timely fashion. Fulfill the mandates required for audits from statutory bodies that evaluate the speed of response to borrower requests.

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Delaying EMIs

Engage in Intelligent Automation to update payment delay requests for loans, mortgages, credit card payments, etc. Validate all details, match with credit systems, and automatically recommend approval/rejection.

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Payroll Protection Program for Small Business Administration (PPP SBA)

Engage in Intelligent Automation to process Payroll Protection Program for Small Business Administration (PPP SBA) loan applications and run the mandatory eligibility tests to clear backlogs and meet the SBA program deadline. This is US specific process.

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Small Business Funding

Process loan applications quickly by extracting data from borrower applications to update the lender’s database loan calculations. Accelerate the process of issuing necessary funds to small business customers by using RPA bots.

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Loan Documentation Quality Control

Use Intelligent Automation to extract individual files from the loan management system and combine them in a PDF. Streamline the quality control process and make loan documentation more readily available for quality control and audit purposes.

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Loan Foreclosure Maintenance

Automatically validate the loan foreclosure requests received from the banking system.

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CERSAI Home Loan/Top-up

Check for frauds in lending against equitable mortgages as well as on multiple loans taken on the same asset across different banks through CERSAI portal. This is India specific process.


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Loan Reconciliation

Collate large-sized records received from various channels, which contain data such as last closing balance, current transactions, etc. Auto-reconcile the data. Process the exceptions manually.

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CERSAI Movable

The Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India (CERSAI) is responsible for tracking loan and mortgage transactions and mortgage frauds. Auto-check for frauds in lending against equitable mortgages as well as for taking multiple loans on the same asset across different banks. Use RPA to automate direct updation of loan borrower and property details on their website from the core banking system for movable cases. This is India specific process.

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