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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Datamatics TruPartner Program
Partnership Program


Datamatics Global TruPartner Program

Our Intelligent Automation Platform comprises cutting-edge technologies around TruBot RPA, TruCap+ IDP, and TruBI which focuses on providing intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses to increase productivity and enhance customer experience, leveraging Datamatics products as well as technology and services from the TruPartners.

Along with our partners, we aim to create business value for our customers while reducing implementation risk. In the process, our partners benefit from an enhanced solution portfolio, increased top line, more customers, and newer markets. We empower our partners by providing product documentation, marketing support, training as well as all technical support for successful customer engagement.

Join Datamatics TruPartner Program for Intelligent Automation product suite. Take the first step and become our partner for TruBot and TruCap+ and embark on an exciting intelligent automation journey.

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Core Partnership Benefits

Access To Industry Leading Intelligent Automation Products – TruBot & TruCap+
Tools, Training And Support To Successfully Close Deals
Marketing Support For Lead Generation And Visibility
Competitive commission model for successful business deals

TruPartner Tier Levels

TruPartner AlphaThe Alpha TruPartner earns a referral discount for a qualified lead shared with Datamatics that results in a sale. Upon signup, Datamatics manages all activities associated with finding the deal along with customer billing & support.
TruPartner SelectThe Select TruPartner is either beginning a partnership with Datamatics or developing a business model that includes Datamatics IA technologies around their solution or service offerings. Select TruPartner enjoys a broad range of benefits like Prime and Elite partners.
TruPartner Prime The Prime TruPartner would demonstrate a proven track record of delivering the highest value to customers who would consistently achieve revenue targets. Datamatics rewards Prime partners with good margins and extensive access to Sales, Pre-sales & Marketing resources with a goal of moving them to Elite tier level.
TruPartner Elite The Elite TruPartner is the highest achievement level within the TruPartner program. Elite partners are invited to join this program based on significant commitment and IA product and solution experience highest margin discounts and benefits among tier level. This level enjoys dedicated resources from Datamatics.

Partner Testimonials

"Our partnership with Datamatics in the Hyperautomation journey has been a great success having jointly closed a major deal in Kuwait"
Screenshot (64)-2-1
Murlidharan NanooManaging Director, United Business Group
"Datamatics TruBot Support team has been available even during weekends and after-hours to ensure that the RPA implementation at Western Bainoona Group is executed smoothly. Real kudos to the commitment and amicable approach of the team in dealing with such critical incidents."
screenshot (63)
Kishor NamburuManaging Director
"Our journey with Datamatics has been always interesting and we have jointly helped many clients in Middle East. We look forward to strengthening and continuing this journey."
Screenshot (61)-2-1
Nirav ShahCEO, FAME Advisory
"We are very proud to be associated with Datamatics. We hope to help many companies in Latin America with Datamatics and their years of experience in different industries and regions."
Screenshot (60)-1-1
Saul KattanPresident, Kattan Consulting
"Thank you Datamatics for being a strong partner to StarCIO through our journey"
Screenshot (65)-1-1
Isaac SackolickPresident & CIO, StarCIO

Our Partners

2 Dataseed-IN
3 xomate-logo
4 Devoir-IN
6 Aliter-IN
7 Thomson-me
8 Ingram-Micro-me
9 Agile-me
10 forefrontTechnologies-ME-1
11 UBGlogo
40 saisoft-itc-ME-min
41 teksalah-logo-min
42 Fame-logo-min
43 Equinox-min
44 pinnacle-min
45 Sspl-min
46 Cyberteq-min
47 Canopus-RPA-min
48 valto-min
49 Vision-soft-min
50 Proven-Consult-MI-min
13 Cybercom
14 Qbrain
15 Misthos
16 Agile Cyber-Logo
17 GlowByte-EU
18 Accenture-Glo
20 sYSTEMSOFT-1-min
21 nDemand-1-min
22 Kattan-Consulting-1-min
23 Bizxl-2-min
24 TPMG Consulting Logo 1.0-min
25 Colina-min
26 Ritesys-min
27 ISG-min
28 ITG-min
29 Precision-min
30 Truefocus-min
31 Two95-min
32 Ennuviz-min
33 JK-Seva-min
34 Ardur-1-min
35 Acronotics-IN-min
36 BankRPA-min
37 Scanoptics-min
38 just-in-time
39 Avowos
7 Thomson-me
8 Ingram-Micro-me
53 techberry-infotech-logo-min
54 neebal-min
55 ecologo-540-min
56 IMC-min
57 probotiq-logo-black-min
58 Feat Systems-min
59 XLNC-min
60 skuillions-logo-min
61 Rsystems-min
62 Flexsin-min
63 Enovate-min
64 Techjockey-logo-540--min
65 zoneslogo-min
66 Conneqt-min
67 Flowgenic-min
68 RPAtech-min
69 Systematix-min
70 Online24x7-min
71 Evantage-min
72 Progression-min
73 Acronotics-IN-min
74 Cyret-Technologies-IN
75 Medhaj-IN
76 CMS-IT-Services-IN

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