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TruAI Text

Derive intelligence from unstructured and structured text



Datamatics TruAI Text uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Natural Language Processing, and Statistical Techniques to analyze humongous amounts of data to derive intelligence. The TruAI Text engine is useful in data-intensive industries, such as Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, for automating their core processes.


ia-CLUSTERING CLUSTERING Group different data points in specific clusters with similarities. Segment customers, cluster search results, group images, etc.  
ia-WORD-EMBEDDING WORD EMBEDDING Capture semantic and contextual meanings to build vocabulary and synonyms library. Create AI/ML models unique to your business processes. Generate recommendations.  
ia-NAMED-ENTITY-RECOGNITION NAMED ENTITY RECOGNITION Detect entities and contextual references from the text. Create new categories through self-learning and exception handling.  
ia-TRACEABLE-PATTERN-GENERATION CLASSIFICATION Use supervised learning to categorize and classify big data, files, and documents within fraction of the time required for manual handling. Learn about new patterns and categories.  
ia-DOCUMENT-SCRUTINY DOCUMENT SCRUTINY Scrutinize documents within a stack and eliminate gaps. Reduce document scrutiny time from hours to seconds.  
ia-SELF-LEARNING TOPIC/FEATURE EXTRACTION Identify and extract the key concerns from customer email, feedback, blogs, social media tweets, etc., for gaining customer-related insights.  
ia-TEMPLATE-FREE-IDP-3 SUMMARIZATION Summarize lengthy documents and create executive summaries for attaching to agreements, contracts, NDAs, sales deeds, project documentation, etc. Use summaries for easy search and retrieval of documents.  
ia-SEMANTIC-SEARCHES1 SEMANTIC SEARCH Use AI/ML semantic searches to improve search accuracy through contextual inferences. Understand user intent through AI/ML contextual analysis of user queries.  
ia-COGNITIVE-CAPTURE COGNITIVE CAPTURE Intelligently capture information from free text or unstructured text, including lengthy documents, reports, customer email, scanned reports, forms, etc.  
ia-ACCELERATE-DOCUMENT-PROCESSING OCR/ICR Digitize information assets in free text paper-format and extract required information for downstream processing.  
ia-KEYWORD-TABLE-AUTO-UPDATION TRANSLATION Perform AI/ML-enabled semantic translations. Conduct multi-lingual text mining.  
ia-IMAGE-PROFILING-COMPARISON RELATION EXTRACTION Extract semantic relations from text with business-specific NLP powered models.  
ia-QUESTIONANSWERING QUESTION ANSWERING Build virtual assistants and chatbots for answering questions.  
ia-TEXT-GENERATION TEXT GENERATION Automatically generate text in natural language to fufill communication requirements and answer user questions.  
ia-EMOTION-ANALYSIS EMOTION ANALYSIS Identify nine different types of emotions in a text document, customer communication, social media tweets, audio-video files, etc.  
ia-SENTIMENT-ANALYSIS SENTIMENT ANALYSIS Analyze social media comments and customer satisfaction based on AI/ML powered models.  


Use unstructured data for automation
Extract relevant information from unstructured data and free text and use it for process automation in downstream systems.
Accelerate text analytics
Improve the speed of analyzing multi-structured text and reduce turnaround time to a fraction of the time required for manual handling.
Expedite semantic searches
Use semantic searches to improve the accuracy of text searches.
Artificial Intelligence Text

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

What is TruAI Text or Artificial Intelligence Text Analysis? How does it help your business? TruAI Text or Artificial Intelligence Text Analysis analyses free form text or unstructured data with the help of AI/ML, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Deep Learning models to extract crucial intelligence in seconds while it takes hours and days for the human eye. The ensemble starts with supervised learning and pre-defined business logic; however, its self-learning nature allows it to transition into unsupervised learning through handling mammoth amounts of unstructured data and exception handling. TruAI Text enables your business to scrutinize lengthy documents and document stacks within seconds to milliseconds thus improving turnaround time of many viable automation use cases. It enables you to extract the key topics and sentiments from lengthy text thus enabling your customer facing teams to resolve queries faster and improve customer satisfaction.
How does TruAI Text or Artificial Intelligence Text Analysis enable cognitive capture? TruAI Text or Artificial Intelligence Text Analysis makes use of AI/ML, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Deep Learning algorithms to extract data points from unstructured data or free text in a template-free mode. The in-built logic keeps on reinforcing with each document batch that is processed. The cognitive capture feature forms the basis of many automation use cases that use unstructured data as input to automating a solution in dynamic business environments, such as Trade Finance.
How does TruAI Text or Artificial Intelligence Text Analysis improve turnaround in Trade Finance? TruAI Text or Artificial Intelligence Text Analysis uses in-built algorithms to scrutinize lengthy documents received in an unstructured format. It not only enables extraction of the required data points from the documents but also validates key criteria used as Go/No-Go to fulfill a particular automation scenario. For example: Analyze the credit score of a particular entity before entering into a tripartite business transaction in Trade Finance.

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