TruAI Optimizes Sales For A Multinational Consumer Products Giant
Case Study

TruAI Optimizes Sales For A Multinational Consumer Products Giant


The client is the market leader in Indian consumer products with presence in over 20 consumer categories such as soaps, tea, detergents and shampoos among others with over 700 million Indian consumers using its products.



Data Analytics solution case study


The client wanted to decide competitive pricing for all their products by analyzing a data universe of 181,479 records, involving 87 brands, 506 products, and 10 digital marketplace companies (1 client’s company + 9 competitors) and get smart insights in future trends with respect to competitor pricing.


Datamatics used the client’s 3 months’ data and proposed a hybrid solution, which comprised different analytics tools for conducting Predictive Pricing, namely Descriptive Statistics, Time Series, Hypothesis Testing, Descriptive Statistics, Forecasting, and Inferential Statistics.

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32% Client step up their sales figures


client was able to step up their sales figures from 20%

Effective Promotions

Effective Promotions

Conducted with the help of advanced analytics

Historical Analysis

Historical Analysis

Of the previous data to predict future trends

Price Analysis

Price Analysis

Of self and competitors to predict future price trends

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