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Become a Certified Professional Globally for TruBot and TruCap+

In the age where organizations are adopting technologies, it becomes essential to be up-to-date with the changes in technology. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) are global technological phenomenon and has changed the way businesses operate over the years, and the demand for RPA is increasing at a steady speed every year.

TruBot and TruCap+ certification will help you in gaining a competitive edge over your peers. With a globally recognized IDP and Robotic Process Automation certification, you will be an expert in Intelligent Automation.

The TruBot Certification includes the following:

  • TruBot Sales Certification for being eligible to globally sell TruBot RPA
  • TruBot Administrator Certification that will help you master the different features of TruBot Cockpit and manage all your resources and processes online
  • TruBot Designer Certification that will help you in designing RPA processes from scratch in TruBot RPA and automate different types of processes

The TruCap+ Certification will help you in understanding the overall features of Datamatics TruCap+, the Intelligent Document Processing tool. It takes you through the benefits of using the tool in a highly paper-driven environment that allow you to be on a level playing field as your digital-born counterpart.