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TruAI Vision

Extract intelligence from images and surveillance videos



Datamatics TruAI Vision uses visual inputs in the form of images and videos to train the AI/ML models to react based on the inference. It uses Computer Vision as basis to emulate the human vision to react to stimuli at the fraction of the time required for manual decision-making and reaction. It is useful to perform tasks that are difficult for humans to perform. It is useful for automating unique use cases, including face recognition in security systems, predict breakdown of heavy machinery, forecast the onset of a disease based on visual cues, etc.


ia-DATA-INDEXING ADVANCED IMAGE ENHANCEMENT FOR BETTER OCR Improve accuracy of data capture with AI/ML powered image enhancement.  
ia-PATTERN-MINING ID RECOGNITION AND DATA EXTRACTION Recognize the facial contours from a photo for ID validation and extract the credentials from licenses, passports, resident permits, etc.  
ia-HUMAN-IN-THE-LOOP FACE RECOGNITION AND MATCHING Use biometric identification, such as face recognition and matching, in security mechanisms.  
ia-IMAGE-PROFILING-COMPARISON IMAGE CLASSIFICATION Classify images of animals, fishes, products, medical conditions, disease conditions, etc., using Deep Learning models for identifying relevant data, eliminating outliers, removing duplicates, etc.  
ia-DOCUMENT-HIGHLIGHTS-GENERATION IMAGE CAPTIONING Generate textual image description or describe the content of an image in words through an encoder-decoder framework.  
ia-IO-MANAGEMENT OBJECT IDENTIFICATION Locate instances of objects in within photos, graphics, and videos by using Deep Learning models to replicate human intelligence.  
ia-CLASSIFICATION-AND-GROUPING OBJECT TRACKING Track objects, people, traffic, etc. through surveillance systems by using AI/ML algorithms and Computer Vision  


Emulate human vision through surveillance mechanisms
Use images and videos to monitor situations in real-time, for example, traffic density, theft, ATM premise security.
ia-data extraction
Improve accuracy of data extraction
Increase accuracy of data extraction from unstructured and free text documents.
Improve biometrics based identity recognition in high security zones and gated communities in an agile environment.
Artificial Intelligence Vision

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

What is TruAI Vision or Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision? How does it help your business? TruAI Vision or Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision uses pre-trained AI/ML models to make fast inferences based on visual inputs, including images and videos. It powers important use cases in different sectors. For example: Intelligent data capture in BFSI and surveillance in security domains.
How does TruAI Vision or Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision enable surveillance mechanisms? TruAI Vision or Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision uses pre-trained AI/ML and Deep Learning models for facial recognition in security systems to capturing thefts through CCTV video tracking.

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