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Enhance customer experience by automating sales and marketing

Intelligent Automation in Sales & Marketing

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform automates different tasks across the Sales & Marketing functions such as opportunity tracking, lead nurturing, competition monitoring, social media monitoring, customer servicing, reporting, and many more. This helps the team to faster response to customer needs and enhanced customer experience.

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Automation Use Cases in Sales & Marketing

Multi-language Website

Quickly translate valid and important information on own websites into different languages using translation tools and post on the website for wider broadcast.

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Sales & Collectibles Report

Auto-prepare base reports (Monthly activity), accounting of payments in ERP (Daily Activity), clearance process (Daily Activity), and auto-reporting data extract (Daily Activity).

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New Customer Setup

Retrieve the pre-approved customer details in the client web-based system. Update the customer details in the business system and retrieve the customer code, which is populated back into the client website. Post entry is done, create a customized PowerPoint presentation that is sent to the on-boarding customer.

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Call Center

Navigate to multiple system screens to retrieve the customer transaction history which helps the operator in reducing the search time to get the details such as customer name, verification details, previous discussion history. Auto-generate a ticket for each case which can be tracked by the Client Management Team.

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Customer Service

Synchronize data across the systems of hundreds of B2B trading partners through robotics to alleviate repetitive data updations. Read emails from B2B partners and auto-update the details in internal scheduling mechanisms. Auto-update the details in the partners’ systems as per SLAs.

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Online Feedback Data Gathering

Monitor different news sources including local newspapers, blogs, and social media for comments related to the organization and its work. Perform analysis on the augmented content to get improved efficiency, faster insight, and greater statistical accuracy towards building faster responses to the customer feedback, enhanced customer satisfaction and confidence.

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Sales Order Booking

Book sales orders in the different business systems, such as SAP, from the spreadsheet files and other siloed databases.

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Contact Center Support

Assist contact center agents to handle customer queries and / or cancellation requests through Intelligent Automation. Augment other channels such as self-service, visual IVRs, chatbots, etc; to reduce the load on contact centre agents.

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Lead Gathering Process

Search the web for potential opportunities, tenders, and RFPs and populate the data in the CRM system for review by the Sales team.

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Service Request Fulfillment

Navigate through multiple enterprise systems to gather data across multiple touch points to resolve a service request posted through the CRM system or email.

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Newsletter Creation

Automate newsletter creation by picking relevant stories by searching news for pre-defined keywords on Google.

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New Inquiry, Transfer Requests & Contract Termination

Eliminate duplication of efforts in working on the same service requests received through different channels such as web forms, telephone calls, apps, etc., by using RPA bots and send immediate customer acknowledgment.

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Sales Order And Invoice Processing

Automate end-to-end sales order tasks such as entering sales orders and creating respective invoices. Process invoices from different formats into a single database system. Automate data input, process different levels of decision making and check for errors.

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Pricing And Competition Monitoring

Track competitor websites and prices in real-time and send notifications in case of changes. Help organizations to adjust prices without having to manually browse competitor websites

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Database Aggregation And Management

Aggregate contacts and update CRM system. Search the web and fill-up missing contact information and enable more in-depth account mapping of customers.

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Opportunity Tracking

Monitor bid sites for RFPs, capture them as soon as they become available and notify the sales team. Send automated notifications to the concerned person in charge.

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Lead Nurturing

Manage mailing lists, send promotional communication to targeted contacts. Send automated responses and direct notifications to the concerned person. Send personalized messages to customers and increase customer satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Trigger automated email invites or surveys upon completion of a project. Trigger follow-ups and maintain a centralized dashboard in order to prevent oversight in survey workflows.

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New Demo Requests

Automate preparation of online self-service forms for guiding prospects during customers visits to websites, mobile sites or other touchpoints. Direct queries to pre-designated or next available salespersons. Route demo request to sales management and other stakeholders for review and report and schedule demos. Trigger content delivery and integrate workflow with CRM, email and inbound marketing platforms.

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