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30+ use cases and examples of automation for HR function

Intelligent Automation in Human Resources

Human Resources function of an enterprise has multiple sub-departments that engage in manual to semi-automated processes. The department handles highly sensitive data that has to be promptly updated into the systems and the manual records have to be quickly subjected to lock-and-key. Speed is essential as well as data confidentiality.

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform integrates siloes towards seamless process automation. It is adept at ingesting unstructured data which expedites data processing by manifolds. In addition, the platform is adept at automating a plethora of HR processes right from employee onboarding, attendance and leave tracking to salary processing and expense management.

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Automation Use Cases in Human Resources

Employee On-boarding

Simplify employee onboarding with intelligent document processing and RPA bots. Access the log register, check for requests for on-boarding employees, and then retrieve the names of employee, department, joining date, etc. Then access the company HR system and create the user. Next, create the corresponding employee code, username, password, email id, etc. Then auto-access the control management system and give user access to various departments, systems, etc. Next access the swipe management system and log in a request to create the corresponding swipe card. Subsequently, access the log register, close the request, and send a welcome email to the employee on the company email id.

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Attendance Bots

Define the work schedule for each employee and ensure adherence by sending automated reminders to employees. Ensure the attendance and logging of work hours for each employee.

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Tasks Tracking

Enables employees to track their task progress, manage events in a built-in calendar, attach files, and share items with colleagues.

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Meeting Scheduler

Create meetings for each row of the Excel file. Save the user hours in the day by automating the scheduling process for an employee.

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Bot-Led Training

Assist trainees throughout their course duration through digital prompts and suggestions and also help employees with their day-to-day tasks through prompt reminders using RPA bots.

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Leave Tracker

Upon leave application by an employee, auto-email the employee's manager. Once approved, the process records the leave in the back-end systems and notifies the employee.

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Employee Off-boarding

Auto-access the Excel log register and check requests for off-boarding employees. Retrieve the names of employees, their employee codes, department, etc., by using intelligent document processing. Integrate the data in the HR system. Log in the user management system and temporarily block their user access to all the company resources. Then log in the access control management system and block the swipe card of the employee. Next, update the as-is system status of the off-boarding and email it to the admin personnel to take the further manual steps to completion.

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Expense Management

Approve or reject expense reports based on the pre-defined criteria for submitted proofs and allowance using Intelligent Automation.

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Kurzarbeitergeld Program

Enable the Payroll and HR teams to auto-fill out Kug 108 form for every employee affected by short work. Significantly reduce burden on HR team as the process takes much time besides their regular work.

Kurzarbeitergeld program is a Government of Germany SOP for companies and its employees navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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Salary Processing

Streamline salary processing of employees which is labor-intensive due to an undefined workflow. Use Intelligent Automation to auto-collect data, accelerate data access, accurately validate data as per pre-defined criteria, and thus improve overall task handling to ensure timely salary release.

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Tax Reporting

Automate tax reporting using Intelligent Automation to eliminate errors and rework. Identify tasks, elements, and data process flows that can be automated. Build Automation logic to validate the output based on pre-defined functional criteria and information flow to improve turnaround time by 5x.

Tax information reporting in the United States is a requirement for organizations to report wage and non-wage payments made in the course of their trade or business to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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Staff Management

Auto-filter interview applications, auto-review candidates, and screen applications, which are high volume, tedious, and time taking tasks involved in a staff hiring management process. Auto-process candidate notifications across all milestones and boost your brand among prospective hiring candidates while reducing hiring costs at the same time.

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Payroll Processing

Automate payroll processing for timely information gathering, processing, standardization, and pay release to ensure employee satisfaction. Auto-verify data consistency across multiple HR systems, validate time records, load earnings & deductions, run batch extracts, and automate pay cheque creation. Administer benefits and reimbursements and ensure end-to-end automation of payroll transactions to eliminate error, rework, and delays.

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Offer Letter Administration

Automate verification of the regulations stored in various systems and databases and perform cross-checking. Ensure that offer letters to candidates comply to regulations and tailor to particular candidates. Gather relevant information, create offer letter, send it and monitor the appropriateness of returned documents

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Employee Data Management

Maintain consistent data pertaining to company regulations, payroll, and benefits across multiple databases in numerous data formats for current and past employees, applicants, contractors, and new hires. Minimize the risk of errors in data entry and ensures data compatibility across various databases

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Calculation Of Shift Allowance To Employees

Automate calculation of shift allowance to employees working in processes for various customers across different time zones. Reduce errors and periodically read and validate data from multiple back-end systems and calculate the allowance.

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Background Verification Of New Employees

Cross-verify details for interviewed candidates against a set of multiple databases. Receive required details from various input sources, cross-check details with the back-end databases and create process reports at the end of operation without any manual intervention. Prepare a final master report and upload into the back-end system within a short time

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Full & Final Settlement Of Attrited Employees

Perform exhaustive and accurate verification of all pending dues by employees across various departments while processing employee records. Expedite the process, reduce errors and prevent financial losses and compliance issues

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Performance Management

Mail performance review forms to employees and managers, scrutinize data and feed data into multiple systems. Notify employees of additional requirements and schedule interviews. Publish predefined employee performance reports available to managers as per schedule

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Compensation & Benefits

Extract key points from employee contract PDFs using intelligent document processing. Update master payroll file, and payroll inputs, and validate time and attendance data. Calculate gross and net salary and perform online distribution of pay slips. Create a comprehensive database for HR for benefits management.

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Employee Relations

Track employee grievance requests and send notifications for quicker resolution. Initiate periodic surveys, check for data completion and build reports for management in order to help them to take further actions

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Applicant Sourcing & Tracking

Search through multiple systems, tools, portals, and provide the required list of potential applicants with increased accuracy. Expedite the hiring processes and identify best-fit candidates within a very short time. Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the hiring process

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Exit Management

Automate exit processes starting from initiation of exit process till exit interview capture, report creation and analysis.

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Job Requisition Creation & Posting

Auto-ingest data from hard copy of HR form or Excel sheet image. Integrate it with the enterprise core HR system. Use Intelligent Automation to create job requisitions and auto-post them on internal posting as well as external job search sites.

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Candidate Ranking

Use Intelligent Automation to shortlist candidates from internal databases and external sites with relevant information and rank them according to pre-defined criteria.

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Resume Screening

Automate resume screening with Intelligent Automation and extract key elements from the candidate profiles to auto-create a report master sheet for conducting interviews.

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Interview Scheduling

Use Intelligent Automation to schedule interviews from the list of shortlisted candidates from round one through the final interview.

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Candidate Status Tracking

Auto-track the status of candidates from resume screening through the final interview with Intelligent Automation.

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Training Credit Management

Automate the tracking of training credits and update the employee profile accordingly by using Intelligent Automation.

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Time and Expense Management

Automate the tracking of training credits and update the employee profile accordingly by using Intelligent Automation.

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Billability Reconciliation

Auto-track the attendance of employees from attendance registration swipes and auto-calculate their billability for accounting purposes by using RPA bots.

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Employee Data Capture

Auto-capture employee details from employee documents and onboarding/joining forms with intelligent document processing. Update the HCM systems by using Intelligent Automation. Use RPA bots to automate the process of synching the data in multiple systems.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Reduce the cycle time for conducting satisfaction surveys at multiple levels. Auto-capture details from employee satisfaction survey physical forms and update in the core HR system with Intelligent Automation. Conduct further analysis with advanced analytics tools.

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Applications Processing

Auto-process the shortlisted job applications, extract key data points by using intelligent document processing and integrate them with core databases and HR system.

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