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Automate payroll processing for smoother employee payouts.

Intelligent Automation in Payroll Processing

Payroll processing requires a tedious tracking of employee attendance and leave management systems. It can be tricky, especially across different employee hierarchies and contractual agreements.

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform automates payroll processing for smoother employee payouts.

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Automation Use Cases in Payroll Processing

New Joinees - Salary Calculation

Use Intelligent Automation to automate the salary component calculation and processing as per the enterprise hierarchy.

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Contract Level Changes

Automate contract level changes occurring in the middle of the month/year and pro-rate the contract compensation packages as per position, perks, and responsibility.

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Intermittent Changes To Payroll Records

Incorporate changes in salary compensation/increments, perks, office/branch address, residential address, mobile number, etc., in the payroll records at any time of the year and prorate the subsequent calculations.

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Discontinuous Changes To Payroll Records

Incorporate changes such as bonus, out of pocket expense reimbursement, overtime, etc., in the payroll by using bots.

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Attendance & Absence Records

Use RPA bots to integrate the Attendance System data with Payroll System to calculate the salaries of employees and contractors.

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Reconciliations, Verifications & Validations

Use RPA bots to perform end-of-month reconciliations to the payroll records and perform periodic audits.

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Payroll Deductions

Auto-calculate the outgoings from each employee payroll record towards pension, travel card, loans, group health policies, etc.

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Time Record Validations

Check time entries of hourly employees, reconcile recorded data with budgeted data at a pre-defined frequency. Auto-mail the discrepancies to the concerned managers for timely rectifications.

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Batch Processes

Initiate disbursement and deduction batch creations, and load them after working hours to reduce load on payroll employees.

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Payroll Administration

Auto-execute tax reconciliation, orphan journal entries, and other year-end procedures at the end of each month after monthly payroll closure.

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Payroll Processing

Automate payroll processing for timely information gathering, processing, standardization, and pay release to ensure employee satisfaction. Auto-verify data consistency across multiple HR systems, validate time records, load earnings & deductions, run batch extracts, and automate pay-cheque creation. Administer benefits and reimbursements and ensure end-to-end automation of payroll transactions to eliminate error, rework, and delays.

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Use RPA bots to automate the full & final settlements by calculating attendance on a pro-rata basis and the other entitlements.

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