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TruCap+ Studio

Make the most of AI-driven intelligent document processing

Everest Group's IDP PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

Datamatics is a 'Major Contender' for IDP and Unstructured Document Processing.
The report evaluates 36 vendors for 'market impact' and 'vision & Capability'


TruCap+ Studio


TruCap+ Studio uses AI/ML algorithms to offer a do-it-yourself platform to business users for configuring the TruCap+ output. It enables the enterprise to define the gold standard for comparison of each document and then baseline the output of the subsequent batches as per this set standard.

TruCap+ Studio allows adjusting the best brightness and contrast for the documents by using image preprocessing features that deliver the most accurate output. It also supports keyword training, self-learning by models, manual training of models, and annotating logos and the corresponding fields in a document source, document type and subtype for auto-populating the relevant fields. 

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TruCap+ Overview

Improve accuracy and speed of your business's data capture and extraction

  • Enjoy template-free document processing
  • Get the best output with AI/ML model training
  • Reduce the risk of human error

Key Differentiators

ia-SELECT-THE-BEST-OUTPUT SELECT THE BEST OUTPUT Improves accuracy levels through profile comparison and probabilistic selection of the best extraction output.  
ia-TEMPLATE-FREE-PROCESSING TEMPLATE-FREE PROCESSING Drives template-free use of the application through one-time training of models.  
ia-KEYWORD-TABLE-AUTO-UPDATION KEYWORD TABLE AUTO-UPDATION Auto-identifies new keywords and updates them in the keyword table. Builds libraries for keywords and synonyms, and tags them to specific document sources  
ia-AUTO-POPULATE-FROM-SOURCE-KEY-FIELD-TABLE AUTO-POPULATE FROM SOURCE KEY FIELD TABLE Supports identifying logos and auto-populates the corresponding ontology.  
ia-SOURCE-IDENTIFIER SOURCE IDENTIFIER Identifies business keywords and updates the source key field table for tracing source-specific information  
ia-BASELINING BASELINING Uses pre-processing features to set the gold standard for the output   
ia-IMAGE-PROFILING-COMPARISON IMAGE PROFILING COMPARISON Compares the multi-OCR output to select the best option for export  
ia-AI-TRAINING-AND-PUBLISHING AI TRAINING AND PUBLISHING Trains the AI models to identify different documents through source keywords and logos  
ia-AUTO-SPELL-CORRECTION AUTO-SPELL CORRECTION Auto correct spellings of words captured from documents with unstructured data  

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TruCap+ Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

How does TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing's Studio help your business? TruCap+ Studio helps you to train the AI/ML models to identify the keywords in association with logos and update the master tables or source key field table. This table then auto-populates key fields after identifying the logo in a new document thus expediting the data capture process.
What is TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing's baselining feature? TruCap+ baselining feature helps you to set a particular output as a gold standard and compare the output of the remaining documents, thus creating a baseline for future output. 
What is TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing's source identifier feature? TruCap+ source identifier is the tracking table that holds all the keywords for a particular document source. It helps TruCap+ to automatically look up source-specific information in the source key field table.
What is image profiling in Intelligent Document Processing? Intelligent Document allows the creation of document profiles with a set of attributes that can be applied to a document image before data extraction. For example: A profile to delete objects and images of a particular color, say blue, and the table borders.

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