Fuel Bill Processing Time Reduced By 86% using RPA  solutions - Case Study
Case Study

Ryder Systems Reduces Fuel Bill Processing Time By 86% with Automation


Ryder Systems is an American provider of transportation and supply chain management products, and is especially known for its fleet of rental trucks and dedicated contracted carriage for over 50,000 customers, many of which make the products that consumers use every day.


Logistics & Fleet Management


The client received fuel bills in an unstructured format. The bills had to be converted into structured format to make the payments of the vendors and the suppliers which was critical to the core business of the client.

The bills had to be validated and consolidated manually. The client wanted to automate the entire process.


Datamatics helped Ryder Systems reduce their fuel bill processing time with its Automation  RPA Tool, TruBot, which directly reads the emails coming from the vendors and suppliers and auto-downloads the bill attachments. It captures the relevant data from the bills and converts the unstructured data into structured data.

TruBot validates, consolidates and cleans the data and auto formats the excel sheet into the required format.

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86% Reduction In Transaction Processing Time - RPA Case Study


Reduction In Transaction Processing Time

100% Accuracy Achieved using RPA Solutions


Accuracy Achieved Leading To Vendor Satisfaction

75% Reduction In FTE Report using RPA Solutions


Reduction In FTE Report

High Operational Efficiency - RPA Case Study

Achieved High Operational Efficiency In A Complex Fuel Billing Process

Customer Testimonial

"Datamatics acts as a key partner in our digital transformation journey. They look to solve a business problem and not just provide a technical solution. Datamatics works as an extended team of ours. They are very flexible in what we do together. They have helped us scale by learning our processes and this is what sets Datamatics apart."
David Friedman

David Friedman
Head of Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence, Ryder Systems

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