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TruBot Analytics

Get actionable intelligence from your RPA data



Gain useful insights into your RPA (or robotic process automation) program with TruBot Analytics.

A successful RPA program makes for a more efficient, more productive enterprise. Boost your chances of success with a 360-degree view of your RPA program. TruBot's in-built Analytics gives you insights into bot utilization, process performance, and much more.

TruBot's in-built Analytics tool measures operational KPIs like bot station utilization and errors in bot execution, among others. It also calculates RPA program benefits at the business level, whether process comparisons, or the ROI of the program. 

TruBot RPA Analytics provides businesses with actionable intelligence which can play a very crucial role in the success of the RPA program.



TruBot Overview

Boost ROI of your RPA program 

  • Get analytics for operational and business KPIs 
  • Make informed decisions with accurate metrics
  • Access real-time information in a single glance

Key Differentiators

In-built Operations and Business Analytics

Operational monitoring and control of historical data for Bot execution, status and notifications

RPA ROI Calculator

Monitor RPA program benefits at the business level with integrated analytics

RPA Analytics

Analytics for operational KPIs like bot station utilization, bot utilization, errors in execution etc.

Customer’s choice for Robotic Process Automation Tools

TruBot enjoys high customer satisfaction across industries




TruBot Station

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

What is TruBot Analytics? TruBot Analytics is an in-built Analytics module in TruBot that offers a 360-degree view of the enterprise level RPA program.
What are the business benefits of TruBot RPA Analytics? TruBot RPA Analytics provides actionable insights about the various KPIs of the enterprise level RPA program, such as bot station utilization, errors in execution, processes that offer more throughput, etc. These can guide decision makers in the business toward informed choices regarding their RPA program, automated processes and bot utilization. This helps improve productivity, boost efficiency of automated tools and other resources, and enhance customer satisfaction. 
How does the TruBot Analytics dashboard empower the RPA program? The TruBot Analytics dashboard provides the status for all KPIs at a glance in real-time. The dashboard offers the RPA program's positive metrics as a business highlight and graphical visual story for easy dissemination across the organization. The dashboard not only enables tracking and measuring of the enterprise's RPA program but also promotes the program within and outside the enterprise.

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Is your RPA program operating at its full potential? Get insights with TruBot Analytics.