Criteria for selecting the right processes for RPA Automation

Selecting the Right Processes for Robotic Process Automation & Optimizing RoI

Right Processes for RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is getting accepted across the globe as a key technology. Enterprises are keen to evaluate the benefits of RPA and are looking at implementing it in their operations.  However, some operations are more suited for RPA whereas some are not with statistics quoting 30-50% failure during initial implementation. This white paper provides key points that will help them select the right processes for RPA deployment. Rules-driven, repetitive, data-intensive, and high compliance are just some of the key parameters which an enterprise may choose to evaluate. This selection is imperative from the point of driving better Return on Investment (RoI) for Enterprise Automation programmes. Driving this project in the form of a Six Sigma DMAIC ensures a smooth implementation.