Cash Flow Analytics demo


Cash flow monitoring is important for manufacturing businesses. Predicting the cash flow in the future months assumes higher importance for planning and investing in new projects, managing customer expectations in a competitive market, paying wages, and making creditor payments. Timely decision making and knowing the future cash availability is made feasible with Cash Flow Analytics, a specialized branch of Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences.

This is a live case study of a multi-national Automobile Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) based in the United States of America. The project enabled the company to acquire proactive visibility of their future cash flows across different geographies. This project made future projections possible based on combined details of payments received and ageing data. The combined data was extracted from SAP and ran into some gigabytes.

R Shiny was used to build the interactive web-based application. Datamatics TruBI, a Business Intelligence and Visualization tool, was integrated to create the graphical representations. The predictions offered by the Cash Flow Analytics model were very close to the actual values and offered high accuracy.

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