Customer Analytics

Get your key to have stronger business results through enhanced customer experience by leveraging technology

Advance Analytics & Data Sciences Solutions

Customers are most valuable assets and brand advocates. Create customers for life by coupling human intelligence with advanced machine learning approach. Put the customer at the center of things. 

Datamatics' approach is to combine our capabilities and expertise in specific segments to provide a comprehensive customer experience. Datamatics can assist you in bridging gaps in your customer experience strategy & journey so that you can deliver the integrated, end-to-end, user-friendly experiences that customers expect, resulting in increased revenue and growth.


Customer Analytics Offerings

Artificial intelligence (AI) & cognitive sciences Tool with Document summarisationCustomer Lifetime Value (CLV) based Micro-Segmentation

  • Transform your overall marketing strategy by designing hyper-personalized marketing programs
  • Increase your sales velocity & revenue

Digital Portal DevelopmentCustomer Churn Models

  • Minimize your customer churn and keep more customers
  • Generate higher profits & revenue through long term customers by optimizing customer churn analytics

Research Support ServicesCustomer Acquisition Models

  • Optimize your marketing spend by reducing the cost of customer acquisition
  • Integrate your multi-channel customer engagement to derive optimal strategy through customer acquisition

Descriptive - Advanced Data Analytics Services & Consulting

360 Degree Customer Experience

  • Improve your customer experience by automating hundreds of email services through auto-analysis & auto-routing
  • Improve email response turnaround time significantly

Prescriptive - Advanced Data Analytics Services & Consulting

Conjoint Analysis

  • Determine the expected performance of your product or service in the future market
  • Know your consumer preferences during the purchasing process

Research Support Services

Max-Diff Analysis

  • Identify how consumers trade-off within the given list of items/factors
  • Gauge survey respondents preference score for different items

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