Optimize your workflows, prioritize leads, and drive sales

Datamatics helps businesses optimize sales & marketing more strategically to drive top-line & bottom-line growth with the help of the latest advances in the field of AI/ML and Cloud-based technologies. 

Datamatics optimizes the marketing, sales, and service work at speed and scale. It helps sales people and marketers to switch faster from product plans to commercialization. Flexibility and fast-integrated internal and external communication are prerequisites for optimization.

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Sales & Marketing Analytics Offerings

Marketing Mix Modelling-01

Marketing Mix Modelling

Develop a winning marketing mix strategy for your product

Make efficient allocation of your marketing budgets by using Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences

Demand Forecasting-01

Demand Forecasting

Forecast customer demand-and-supply by using Sales & Marketing Analytics

Formulate strategic long-term plans 

Create key business assets, such as budgets, financial plans, sales and marketing plans, capacity plans, risk assessment/mitigation

Cross-Sell Models-01

Cross-Sell Models

Capitalize on current customers and boost revenue through advanced cross selling approach

Enhance your market position and stay ahead of competition with Sales & Marketing Analytics

Purchase Journey-01

Purchase Journey

Identify the pulse of your customers by delivering the right message at right time and at right place through the right channels

Derive the best possible marketing and communication plan and increase the ROI


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A UK-based online marketplace improves sales by 32% by leveraging machine learning for price elasticity

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