Operational Analytics

Analyze your data on the fly by leveraging real-time data streams from multiple systems

Operational Analytics Solutions

Being able to access real-time data with complete transparency will allow business owners to see the function of their day-to-day operations in detail. Following that, appropriate adjustments and planning can be made in a proactive manner.

Datamatics predictive analytics solution provides early warning notification and failure diagnosis. It assists organizations in reducing equipment downtime, increasing reliability, and improving performance while lowering operations and maintenance costs. Datamatics assists you to turn business disruptions into opportunities for growth and profit by getting visibility across your supply chain & effectively managing constant change. The company helps you garner the benefits of better decision-making using operational analytics.


Datamatics Operational Analytics Offerings

AI  Software Tool with Natural Language ProcessingPredictive Maintenance

  • Reduce the cost of your asset management
  • Make intelligent & timely decisions

Wearable Devices App DevelopmentShipping Route Optimization

  • Improve your bottom-line by spending less travel time and reduced fuel costs
  • Enhance your customer experience

Digital Customer ExperienceInventory Optimization

  • Optimize your operational and financial cost through effective inventory management
  • Prevent overstock or understock stock scenario through efficient inventory optimization

Descriptive - Advanced Data Analytics Services & Consulting

Supplier Risk Scorecards

  • Protect and improve brand reputation by avoiding supply chain risk and disruptions
  • Segment and rank your vendors

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