Data To Intelligence


Datamatics’ big data & data lakes solution is aimed at enabling enterprises gain access to real-time business insights. It helps businesses reconfigure their data sources and co-develop a hybrid architecture, which unifies multi-structured data from disparate environments, for deriving high-value intelligence.

Datamatics enables clients to leverage mammoth data storage and data lake solutions on-premise as well as on cloud in a cost-efficient manner. The company engages web-based, do-it-yourself visualization techniques, anytime anywhere.

Datamatics also helps businesses stay competitive by making their processes and systems responsive and aligned to evolving market conditions. The company helps clients design roadmaps for building robust information management systems and increase viability as well as market relevance.



Complex Data To Insights

Complex Data to Insights

Cognitive technologies to provide the bigger and holistic picture across mammoth data sets as in a jigsaw puzzle

Big Data & Data lake On-Premise & On-Cloud

On-Premise & On-Cloud Expertise

Design and implementation of data lake and storage solutions on leading platforms – MapR, AWS, Hadoop, MongoDB, Talend, Pentaho in a cost efficient manner

Proprietary IP

Proprietary IP

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) proprietary products for performing advanced analytics on voluminous data stored in data lakes in a safe and secure manner

Web-based Visualization

Web-Based Visualization Models

Secure and scalable platform for analyzing Big Data using web based visualization models interoperable with various data lake storage mechanisms, anytime anywhere

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Integration of Big Data platforms with data visualization tools

Proprietary tool: Datamatics’ TruBI,

COTS tools: Tableau, Qlik Sense, IBM Cognos

Implementation & Support

Implementation & Support

Across the Big Data continuum right from data ingestion, data curation, data storage, analytics, visualization, to mining


Data management solution

Data Management

End-to-end Big Data solutions for developing and maintaining clean and unified data for a quick and secure access to enterprise information

Integrated and holistic solutions towards 360 degree view of data as a single source of truth and establishing the Data Democracy paradigm

Big Data and Data Lake Solutions

Big Data & Data Lakes

Integrated solutions for deriving value from voluminous data sets in real-time by using self-service dashboards for deep query

Real-time and actionable business insights from high volume integrated and holistic data sets stored in a highly attuned and elastic search enabled storage

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Business solutions for providing competitive edge to enterprises through Advanced Analytics

Faster data validations and enhanced time series analysis

Highly customizable reports and dashboards

Deep Analytics over complex mammoth data architectures using different modelling techniques

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Self-service dashboards and visual reports with a focus on user engagement and quick decision making

Next generation visual analytics

360 degree view of data in a do it yourself (DIY) framework

Interoperable and interactive data visualization atop mammoth data sets

Cognitive Sciences

Cognitive Sciences

Extraction of intelligence from free flowing text in real-time using proprietary tools, high-end technology, and customer-specific solutions supporting multiple languages

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for highly accurate data mining

Pattern generation with high accuracy across voluminous data sets

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