TruFare Is An End-To-End Automatic Fare Collection System For Rapid Transit Systems

Automated Fare Collection AFC system

The proliferation of mass rapid transportation systems (MRTS), such as metro rails, bus rapid transit systems, and light rails have resulted in unprecedented passenger volumes. This changing business scenario has generated the need for next-generation, smart automatic fare collection (AFC) systems. These AFC systems and solutions not only pave way for leaner operations but also reduce the risks and costs associated with handling cash and infection due to contagions at crowded places of mass transit.

Datamatics’ TruFare is a highly secure, scalable, reliable, and state-of-the-art Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) solution built for the digitally savvy urban transport systems, such as metro rails, automated parking lots, rapid bus transport systems, etc., that experience heavy footfall. It is highly scalable and is capable of handling large passenger volumes without any degradation in the response and user experience. The modularity of the TruFare AFC system allows integration with new technologies and fare media, such as open loop, EMV open loop, QR Code, NFC, account-based ticketing, card-based ticketing, and contactless mobile ticketing. Thereby it enhances the overall passenger commuting experience and reduces the total cost of ownership for the transit operators.



40+ Million

Transactions hit the fare collection system developed and/or supported by Datamatics

Transactions supported in a safe and secure digital payments environment

10+ Million

Passengers travel daily using fare collection system developed and/or supported by Datamatics

Passengers make secure AFC payments and enjoy connected journeys across multiple touch points


Man-years of expertise for transaction software applications, device engineering and embedded applications

Man-years of developing state of the art engineering technology solutions world-wide


Global Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) projects and engineering technology solutions delivered world-wide as Technology Partner


Years of global experience in developing and deploying automated fare collection systems and solutions in a distributed ecosystem


For end-to-end automated fare collection systems deployed in the developed as well as developing economies across the globe


AFC System with Device Monitoring application


Monitor all field devices, such as automatic gates, validators, TVMs, etc., from a centralized location

Ensure seamless remote monitoring of AFC system enabled business continuity at all times

Manned point of sale system for ticket sales & customer support


Expedite ticketing operations by using the full feature manned point of sale (PoS) system for the ticket sales and customer support

Accelerate the pace of manned operations for fast ticketing fulfillment and faster dispersion of long winding queues

AFC system with Software suite for self-service kiosks


Implement software suite for self-service kiosks such as ticket vending machines (TVM)

Facilitate quick ticket issuance and quicker dispersion of crowds with TVMs placed strategically around heavy footfall areas

Automated Fare Collection with Software suite for automatic gates and validators


Deploy software suite for automatic gates and validators

Facilitate validation and fare deduction for various fare media such as, smart cards, QR code tickets, tokens, mobile tickets, etc.

Facilitate contactless fare collection and contactless entry at crowded public places

Central Clearing House system CCHS


Facilitate Central Clearing House system (CCHS) enabled multi-modal, multi operator and multi fare transit with TruFareCH system

Ensure seamless multiple stop journey with one nation one card one payment paradigm

Fare Collection System with Security module software applications


Install security module software application for encryption / decryption to make sure only valid tickets are accepted and only trusted devices communicate

Ensure safe and secure payment transactions in a connected yet distributed large and small ecosystems
AFC System with Mobile application suite for mobile ticketing


Implement mobile application suite for mobile ticketing and passenger travel planning by using contactless modes

Ensure zero latency multi-modal journeys through safe and secure AFC payment

Ensure contagion-free payments through mobile phone applications

Facilitate contactless and cash free operations

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AFC System with Passenger Access And Interface

Passenger Access And Interface

Offers seamless usage of self-service AFC devices, such as Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) and Add Value Machines (AVM), in the AFC infrastructure space thus enabling transit operators to better handle and manage bottle necks in ticketing during the peak hours at places with heavy footfall

AFC System with Leveraging Emerging Technologies

Leveraging Emerging Technologies

Use latest AFC technologies, such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) readers supporting MIFARE cards, tokens, NFC phones, and EMV cards to make contactless payments at AFC readers

Automatic Fare Collection AFC with Counter Access Solutions
Counter Access Solutions

Integrate various AFC ticketing solutions, such as Point of Sale (PoS), Ticket Office Machines (TOM), and Excess Fare Office (EFO) machines under the common umbrella of Counter Access Solutions

PoS Compatible Automatic Fare Collection AFC System

PoS Compatible

Offers compatibility with third party independent mobile wallets, EMV and RuPay payment modes for open loop banking cards, account based ticketing, and various other online payment modes

Robust Ticketing Back-End Automatic Fare Collection AFC

Robust Ticketing

Provides resilient multi-tier architecture based on .Net technology for safe and secure payment transactions

Seamlessly integrates with contemporary analytics and reporting solutions to offer a bird’s eye view of operations



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