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Case Study

Implementation of Next Generation Fare System (NGFS) for Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) to Enhance Reliablility & Customer Experience


The client is the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) which provides transportation services to the citizens of Memphis city in Tennessee. MATA is one of the largest transit services providers in the state of Tennessee in the USA.


Travel & Transportation


United States of America



The client grappled with an antiquated ticketing system reliant on outdated fareboxes, lacking advanced features. This technology gap threatened operational bottlenecks and potential revenue losses. Real-time data collection and data analytics were notably absent, hindering revenue optimization and informed decision-making.

The outdated system led to longer queues, compromising the commuter experience and potentially affecting ridership. 


The Datamtatics team successfully introduced the Next Generation Fare System (NGFS), ensuring ADA compliance. This advanced solution encompasses a smart media and mobile-based fare collection system. Datamatics managed the end-to-end process, from design and delivery to installation and commissioning of the secure and dependable NGFS across a range of MATA vehicles, including fixed-route buses, paratransit vehicles, and the MATA Trolley service.

Additionally, a QR-based ticketing system was implemented, offering single and return journey options, alongside other ticket types on thermal paper fare media and a mobile app.



Customer benefits from real-time passenger data

For improved planning and responsiveness.


Passengers use diverse IDs

Eliminating the need for frequent ticket purchases


Passengers have unified travel experience

And online account management.


Intuitive, contactless system speeds boarding,

Enhancing service efficiency and reliability.

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