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Digital Technology Solutions for Manufacturing and Logistics

With consumers becoming more demanding, product lifecycles are shrinking. Manufacturers must keep pace, while managing costs and risks. Technologies such as robotics and automation, internet of things, big data and predictive analytics are driving great change across the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers that are incorporating these new technologies into their production lifecycles are becoming more efficient, relevant, and competitive. These technologies are also helping manufacturers cope with key challenges such as mergers and acquisitions, thus making it easier to integrate disparate systems, processes and people.

Datamatics helps manufacturing companies adopt smart and effective IT & BPM strategies across the manufacturing supply chain and logistics, right from real-time monitoring to auditing at all touch points. The solutions powered by robotics process automation, big data & business intelligence, predictive analytics, intelligent workflow, and document management enable clients to bring in greater operational efficiency, rationalize costs, speed time-to-market, and create better products. Datamatics integrated solutions combine technology, people, processes, and flexible business models to deliver long-term value to clients.

Datamatics offers automation solutions for EXIM process (export and import), tax reconciliation, compliance and discrepancy reporting, ERP and Financial reporting, book automations, CRM and sales order integration, and remote predictive maintenance. The company has specialized digital transformation solutions for manufacturing related to procure to pay, order to cash, record to report, process data consolidation, back office administration, inventory monitoring & auditing, and logistics tracking. Datamatics has a readily available set of RPA use cases that enable jumpstart the automation journey in the manufacturing and logistics sector.



Finance & Accounting solutions for Manufacturing industry

Finance & Accounting

Streamline and automate your organization’s CFO back-office operations with finance & accounting solutions

Generate a healthy cash flow, have a better financial control through insights and forecasts, as well as adopt a highly systematic approach to maintain accurate documents for financial auditing

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for Manufacturing industry

Robotic Process Automation - TruBot

Increase productivity, accuracy and speed with TruBot, an enterprise grade, multi-skilled bot

Improve the scope of automation by integrating with a plethora of technologies such as intelligent data capture, artificial intelligence / machine learning, analytics, streaming media, etc.

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Explore RPA use cases for
Manufacturaing & Logistics

Technology solutions for Manufacturing industry


Transform your digital landscape to become more agile and scalable with the use of state of the art technology solutions in enterprise portals, enterprise content management, cloud, etc.

Improve accessibility, productivity, and customer satisfaction through anytime anywhere access to internal and external portals in a safe and secure environment

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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization for Manufacturing industry

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization - TruBI

Improve real-time decision making capability through intelligent data processing and analytics by using high volumes of data stored in cloud, data lakes and other data management systems

Improve understanding of customer needs through data mining, pattern mining and text mining

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RPA Automation Use Cases for Manufacturing Industries
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