RPA Solutions for CFO Back Office Operations For A Large US Manufacturer Case Study
Case Study

TruBot Automates CFO Back Office Operations For A Large US Manufacturer


A leading manufacturing company




United Sates of America


The client received invoices in a huge format from its multiple vendors and suppliers which were in an unstructured format and the purchase orders had to be matched with the invoices.

The entire process was carried out manually which resulted in multiple errors and increased the turnaround-time. The client wanted the audit process and the entire accounts payables cycle to be automated with least manual intervention.


Datamatics implemented RPA Tool, TruBot to automate the entire accounts payables process.

TruBot is intelligent enough to read and extract the necessary information from the invoices without any template creation. the data is then auto-validated against the PO data, vendor master. In case of a non-PO invoice, it is put in a workflow for approval.

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RPA Improves Productivity & Reduced FTEs from 20 to 6

20 to 6

Reduction in FTEs

2x Volume of invoices processed - RPA Automates CFO Back Office Operations


Volume of invoices processed with same amount of resources

Auto-validation & auto-payment process using RPA Solution - Case Study


Process institutionalized ensuring back-filling is not required on attrition

Reduced TAT -  RPA Solutions Automates CFO Back Office Operations

Reduced TAT

With increase in accuracy by a tremendous amount

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