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Digital Technology Solutions for Transportation Industry

Transportation keeps cities and people on the move. Efficient public transit support systems are critical for economies to thrive and grow. Be it using data to allocate infrastructure spends, smart technologies to collect tolls, internet of things to take corrective and preventive actions, or analytics-based intelligent routing to ease decongestion, Smart Cities are increasingly using digital technologies to develop transportation solutions.

Datamatics helps transport authorities and companies use digital platforms and technologies to improve transit ridership experience while delivering greater operational efficiency and safety through contactless ticketing and payment modes. Datamatics provides comprehensive engineering, mobility, and analytics solutions to the mass transport industry. Its innovative and flexible engagement models give customers the ability to scale operations on demand. This has helped them contain costs, fool-proof revenue assurance, improve service quality and reduce time-to-market.

In keeping with evolving times, Datamatics enables transport providers and state authorities to institutionalize contactless digital payments through contactless prepaid cards and near field communication (NFC) enabled mobile payments for smart cities.



Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System for Transportation Industry solutions

Automated Fare Collection - TruFare

TruFare, an end-to-end automated fare collection (AFC) system for rapid transit systems

Drive leaner operations and reduce risks associated with handling cash and infection due to contagions through AFC solutions

Manage heavy footfall and eliminate revenue leakage resulting from ferrying large volumes of passengers

Ensure a highly scalable architecture capable of handling concurrent, high travel loads

Ensure a contactless multi-modal travel experience

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Mobile and Contactless Ticketing Solution for Transportation industry

Mobile and Contactless Ticketing Solution

Revenue Assurance through cash flow automation and contactless payment modes even during pandemics

Future proof and fully integrate contactless digital payment systems, such as open-loop contactless prepaid cards and NFC-enabled contactless mobile payments, with the multi-modal state transport systems

Leverage the mobile and contactless ticketing for building smart city transportation framework

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Digital Experience Solution for Transportation industry

Digital Experience

Enable customers to adopt ‘mobile first’ approach for enhanced customer experience and rebuild operating models

Offer differentiated and human centric digital experience as well as life time value to customers with wearable technology, connected devices, and connected digital experiences

Scale the digital maturity curve faster and improve speed to market with pre-built digital frameworks

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Business intelligence (BI) tool offers Multi-Dimensional View

Research and Analytics

Enhance your business by gaining insights and informed decisions through a better understanding of your consumers' needs and wants, their purchase behavior and path-to-purchase journeys across both digital and offline touchpoints.

Conduct Secondary Research around global trends and macro-economic parameters

Perform end-to-end customized research & intelligence around Competition, Consumer & Market trends right from survey programming, data collection and data processing to insights, analytics, reports and dashboards

Build advance analytics models, such as cash flow analytics, inventory optimization, shipping route optimization, demand forecasting, operations/ employee cost optimization, etc.

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Customer Support solutions for Retail & e-commerce industry

Customer Management

Improve customer experience with superior customer interactions across the various touchpoints. Omnichannel customer management solutions provides consistent and effective customer support to enhance their satisfaction and loyalty

Leverage state of the art digital customer management solutions like AI/ ML based chatbots, Auto IVR, RPA, NLP, deep analytics, etc. for strategic competitive advantage

Build customer management solutions, such as customer service, order taking, online support, post sale support, collections, rebates/ refunds, credit expansion, etc.

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