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One of the biggest challenges for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) across the United States and Canada is workload management during seasonal peaks when they have to handle a year’s worth of work in a packed three-month tax season. Tax firms generate almost 40-50% of their revenue during this period and have to scale on demand to meet seasonal work pressures. The overload affects the quality of their tax audits and slows year-on-year growth.

Datamatics helps CPAs and tax firms successfully manage periodic upheavals and challenging workloads with the use of innovative technology solutions. Datamatics offers a combination of tax expertise, Robotic Process Automation, intelligent workflows, and other modern technology to help CPAs achieve scale on demand. Datamatics teams enable tax firms to enhance their filing efficiency, manage larger volumes of business, and improve quality of audits. Components of Datamatics’ solution suite include tax processing, accounting & book-keeping, tax product development & testing, and business analysis and insights.



US And Canada Tax Filing

Expertise in US and Canada Tax Filing

Retain experts in US and Canada tax matters as well as automation strategies with experience in filing tax returns for large corporates and small and medium enterprises

Eliminate error and rework in tax filing and expedite the process without last minute hassles

Flexible Model

Flexible Model, Easy to Scale Up

Adopt flexible engagement models for tax filing with ensured scalability of the effort to manage last minute spiralling load of tax filing

Manage tax filing for differing tax slabs and across different jurisdictions within the small time window available with ensured quality of work

20000 Million Tax Filings Processed

20,000 Million Tax Filings Processed In Last Decade

Engage US and Canada tax filing expertise with experience in handling a significant number of medium to complex tax filings

Improve turnaround time in tax filings basis experience in handling a significant quantum of tax filing instances

Innovation Technology

Innovation Technology

Expedite the tax processing using latest technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent data capture, and intelligent workflows

Eliminate error and process latency with the use of innovative technology and automation solutions

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RPA Use Cases for Finance and Accounting

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