Jumpstart Your Trade Finance Document Digitization And Document Scrutiny

Document Consistency Checker (DCC) is the Datamatics solution for extracting data from long winding documents, validating the extracted data as per pre-defined rules and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and integrating it into the core systems.

DCC automates document scrutiny, which needs to be done for every trade transaction. Today, the scrutiny is done manually in the majority of banks and takes ~ 2-3 hours to completely review all the documents based on the standard international trade rules, such as consistency checks, UCP600, ISBP 745, incoterms, etc. DCC significantly reduces the turnaround time and enables Straight Through Processing.

The DDC module is technology agnostic and can easily integrate the extracted data with any banking or trade finance system, content management system, and compliance management system. With a team of certified professionals and banking veterans at the helm of design and development, the DCC is a complete solution in itself that extracts, analyses, and integrates data related to Trade Finance deals with the business systems.

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Document Consistency Checker Features


AI-powered Data Capture

  • Automated data capture from case documents
  • Auto-classification of documents
  • Human in the loop (HITL) maker involvement only for eyeball verification
  • Workflow automation to enhance working of core trade finance systems
  • Ready-made application for capturing data from 40+ different document types

Rules & Consistency Checker

  • 200+ in-built, automated international trade finance rules – UCP 600, ISBP 745, ISP 98, Incoterms 2020, etc.
  • New and customized rule creation and modification
  • HITL checker verification and remarks capture
  • Risk management with in-built checks for high risk countries, cities, goods, international blacklists, regional & bank-specific blacklists, etc.
  • Mapping of products and sub-products
  • Role creation and mapping
  • Secure role-based maker-checker access
  • In-built workflows for 2-eye, 4-eye , and 6-eye checks

Integrations Adapter

  • Customer portal integration
  • Improved straight-through processing (STP)
  • Compliance checks
  • Content management

Robotic Task Automation

  • Live vessel tracking en-route consignment dispatch
  • Bill of Lading tracking
  • Core banking system automated data integration
  • Dual goods tracking

Reports & Dashboard

  • Regulatory reports – R-Returns, XOS, BEF, etc.
  • Productivity, transaction, and turnaround time monitoring
  • In-built and customized dashboards
  • Quick snapshots of in-process documents
  • Geological reports



Reduction in transaction processing time


Automated scrutiny and validation of documents



Auto-mail notifications and SWIFT alerts


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