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Graham Fisher, Head – Information Technology, BUPA 

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Anthony Germinario, Product Manager-Technology, Buzzback Market Research

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Howie Spangler, Vice President- IT, ARI Global Fleet Management Services

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Madhumita Dantare - Senior Manager, Tata AIA Life Insurance

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Kayzad Hiramanek - EVP- Operations, Bajaj Allianz Life

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Kashyap Dakshini - Head - Underwriting & Claims, Kotak Life Insurance

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Brijesh Mehta - SVP Operations, Kotak Life Insurance

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Raviraj Kadam - Senior Manager, Tata AIA Life Insurance

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Ramesh Narayan, GM-RRM & Indirect Taxation, Mahanagar Gas Ltd.

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Subhojit Roy, Vice President-IT, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd.

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Ashok Suvarna, Chief Operating Officer – Aditya Birla Sunlife Insurance Company Limited 

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Manish Jain, Regional Head, Corporate Banking, IndusInd Bank

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"Datamatics has provided with really excellent talent and continue to provide the services and have stayed with us as BUPA has changed evolved. I think that Datamatics has a unique ability to find us the right results at the right time and have adapted to our needs. We have also challenged them in quite lot of different ways and they have been able to react to us very rapidly. We never had to struggle with them in terms of getting people on board in a timely fashion."

Graham Fisher
Head, IT - BUPA

"One of the biggest challenge in market research is keep up with ever changing technology but also figuring out how to effectively use those technologies to deliver better insights to clients. Working with Datamatics, we’ve been able to meet and exceed customer demands both from advanced analytics and custom development perspective. I’m sure in future working with Datamatics, we will face the challenges that arise and also create opportunities out of these challenges."
Anthony Germinario

Anthony Germinario
Product Manager-Technology, Buzzback Market Research

"We look to partners like Datamatics to operate as continued extension of our organisation. The Partnership with Datamatics goes back to several years. They have helped us on our consultative basis with an ECM Roadmap. They have worked very closely to understand our business model and learn our people and our culture. It is their flexible approach and their culture of adoption that has made them a tremendously valuable partner.
Howie Spangler

Howie Spangler
Vice President- IT, ARI Global Fleet Management Services

"Datamatics has been a great partner. We embarked on a journey with Datamatics by starting a small process and then looking at the capability which was demonstrated to us by Datamatics we explored Datamatics to partner us in starting our RPA journey."

Ashok Suvarna
Chief Operating Officer – Aditya Birla Sunlife Insurance Company Limited

aditya birla logo
"Our journey has been really great starting from first thing which we liked about Datamatics was the partnership, the detailing and the team that was looking after that. the support that we are getting from Datamatics has really been great and we are really looking forward to more such associations and we are working with them"
Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta
Senior Vice President Operations, Kotak Life Insurance

Kotak logo
"We had a fairly good experience and we are looking forward to better times, definitely. We’ve looked at sourcing out of activities which are allied completely to the core subject of the insurance company but which is essentially non-core. So ancillary activities like data entry which are extremely valuable to our core processes and core functions. We are confident and looking forward to exciting times in the future."
Kashyap Dakshini

Kashyap Dakshini
Head - Underwriting & Claims, Kotak Life Insurance

Kotak logo
"I’ve been associated as a partner to Datamatics since 2011 and in my present avatar at Bajaj Allianz Life we have Datamatics as a partner once again. The journey has been good and it’s an early start. We started sometime in January and it’s been about 8 months and the journey’s been good."
Kayzad Hiramanek

Kayzad Hiramanek
EVP- Operations & Customer Experience, Bajaj Allianz Life
"We have newly engaged with Datamatics. And it’s been more than a 6 month relationship so far. And we are into an entirely new journey and it’s definitely helping because the way TATA AIA is scaling, it’s very important for us to partner with a good company like Datamatics which can help us in taking up the business relationship journey together and provide us some solutions which we can accelerate with the business performance."

Madhumita Dantare
Senior Manager, Tata AIA Life Insurance

"Datamatics is ready to do the process studies and give you solutions from their side. Since I am working on the RPA initiatives with Datamatics, they are giving their expertise on RPA and providing solutions. We are new to the RPA world and although we are experts in what we do, Datamatics has shown us how it can be done more efficiently with RPA."
Manish Jain-1

Manish Jain
Regional Head, Corporate Banking, IndusInd Bank

"Datamatics deployed digitisation solution from receipt of documents, scanning, auto data indexing of images and so forth. They also used automated data extraction tool with fuzzy logic and AI. The deployment was effective as it was done in a short duration of time. Today our processes are highly efficient leading to quick retrieval of documents."

Ramesh Narayan
GM-RRM & Indirect Taxation, Mahanagar gas Ltd.

mahanagar gas
"Huge volumes of papers used to be generated which need to be maintained for long years. The processes were not streamlined. We found that Datamatics has excellence expertise and capabilities in Document management system and were the perfect match for our requirements. Datamatics project team was very good and quick in understanding our requirements. . I must complement all our project team members and the project team of Datamatics for this highly successful and innovative project."
Subhojit Roy

Subhojit Roy
Vice President-IT, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. 

SBI logo
"We have been partners with Datamatics for more than 6 months and this partnership has benefited us in terms of quick deliveries for customer benefit. We are now able to serve customers in hours which previously used to take more than a day. "

Raviraj Kadam
Senior Manager, Tata AIA Life Insurance