DX Bulk User App

Manage multiple users on a single screen in one click!

DX Bulk User App offers a streamlined solution for user management within Salesforce organizations. With its user-friendly interface, administrators can efficiently onboard and manage multiple users, enhancing productivity by consolidating tasks into a single platform. This tool simplifies the process of managing user accounts, allowing administrators to focus their time and effort on other critical tasks. By centralizing user management functions, DXBulk User App optimizes workflow efficiency and enables administrators to navigate their responsibilities with ease.


DX Bulk User App provides an easy mechanism for managing users in the organization.

Manage Flows-01

Manage Flows

Unique ability to effortlessly manage complex workflows, streamlining user interactions and ensuring seamless administrative operations.

User Profile Filtering-01

User Profile Filtering

Offer advanced filtering options, allowing admins to search and manage users based on specific user fields and profile names, enhancing efficiency and customization.

User Updation-01

User Updation

Facilitate swift user updates, enabling administrators to efficiently modify user information and profiles with ease.

Manage Users-01

Manage Users

Empowers administrators to swiftly create, activate, and deactivate users, streamlining user management tasks for enhanced efficiency.

Table Data Configuration-01

Table Data Configuration

Provides flexible table data configuration, allowing administrators to customize and organize user data according to their specific needs and preferences.

Password Reset Options-01

Password Reset Options

Offer convenient options to reset passwords for single or multiple users, providing administrators with flexibility and efficiency in managing user access.


Effortless onboarding & multi-user management through a single interface with Bulk User Management.

Inline Editing-01 

Inline Editing

Enables quick updates to user information, enhancing efficiency and accuracy for single or multiple users, simplifying administrative tasks.

Creating Users via CSV files-01 

Creating Users via CSV files

Streamlines the onboarding process, saving time and ensuring data accuracy for administrators managing multiple users seamlessly.

Password Management-01 

Password Management

Enhances security and accessibility, ensuring smooth user experience and reducing administrative burden.

Efficient User Activation Deactivation-01 

Efficient User Activation/Deactivation

Grants administrators control over user access, improving security and compliance with organizational policies.

Simplified Data Navigation-01 

Simplified Data Navigation

Search options facilitate easy navigation and retrieval of user data, optimizing efficiency and productivity for administrators.

Advanced User Filtering-01 

Advanced User Filtering

Field-based filters enhance search precision, enabling administrators to locate and manage specific user groups effectively.

Customized Data Visualization-01 

Customized Data Visualization

Tailored data visualization, allowing administrators to customize data presentation according to their preferences, enhancing usability and insights.

Seamless Workflow Integration-01 

Seamless Workflow Integration

Advanced workflow management capabilities, enhancing automation and customization options for administrators.


One Interface, Limitless Users: Effortless Admin Management!

Bulk User Management-01

Bulk User Management

100% native platform-01

100% native platform




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