Financial Planning & Analysis


Leading risk and sovereign credit rating agencies rely on high-quality, accurate financial analysis reports created by referring to large amounts of data spread across a variety of sources.

Leading rating agencies depend on Datamatics’ team of experts uses a combination of advanced algorithms, proprietary data analytics tools, and superior reporting technologies to quickly and accurately process information from a number of sources, including annual reports, media reports and stock market filings. Our reporting solutions help global risk analysts in rating companies and financial instruments. The solutions are also useful to banking and financial institutions in quick analysis of large amounts of data.

Datamatics delivers solutions for issuance and performance data for structured financial products. We do comprehensive financial performance analysis of annual reports for around 45,000 corporations under various GAAP. This will equip enterprises with timely, reliable financial insights and reports for effective decision-making.


Datamatics FA&R services includes:

  • Segmental Reporting
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • MIS & BI Reporting
  • Planning, Budgeting  & Forecasting
  • Financial Statements
  • Preparation & Analysis
  • Financial Reporting