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Enforce business process optimization with predictive F&A


An increasingly disruptive marketplace has led to a significant change in the CFO’s role. Organizations around the world are relying on their finance and accounting function to do more with less:

  • Manage larger transactional volumes with leaner teams
  • Optimize cash flows while lowering revenue leakages
  • Reduce reconciliation time while increasing accuracy of reporting
  • Deliver better business insights from existing data across different stakeholders

How can CFOs successfully manage the growing importance and complexity of their jobs?

The answer is Automation and Digitization.

Automation improves efficiency, speed and accuracy, yet reduces cost. It allows CFOs to respond with greater agility to changes in the business environment.

Digitization helps to transform large number of paper based processes into automated machine-readable text. This allows organizations to speed up processing, turn unstructured data into intelligence, and get deeper insights into performance.

Datamatics partners with CFOs and their teams on their journey to transform the finance and accounting function using automation and analytics.

Transformation through automation

Datamatics’ proprietary frameworks and solutions use robotics, machine learning and rule-based techniques to significantly increase process efficiency and speed.

Datamatics enables its customers to take full control of their financial management activities. Our F&A offerings enable businesses to focus on their core competencies and re-structure their financial landscape for better returns. Our products are designed to easily integrate with existing F&A frameworks.

TruBot, Datamatics’ award-winning robotics IP, is a virtual assistant that’s available 24x7. CFOs can drive higher ROI by handing over labour-intensive, routine and repetitive processes to TruBot. (Download: RPA for F&A | TruBot Brochure)

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