Enterprise Content Management

Capture, Organize, Manage and unlock value from your most vital asset of your enterprise – your Data


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions enable organizations to reduce administrative and operational costs, increase process efficiency, and take faster and more informed decisions.

ECM assimilates aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance enterprise efficiency. Datamatics’ content management solutions are designed to parse and categorize unstructured data to derive meaningful insights, through Lexicon, its proprietary Natural Language Processing platform.

Datamatics has expertise on several market leading imaging platforms These include capture products such as OpenText Captiva, IBM DataCap, and Kofax Capture; and DMS/BPM products such as IBM BPM, IBM Filenet, Documentum, Alfresco, and OpenText.

  • ECM Consulting: Datamatics’ team of experts provide premium and customized consulting services to clients. Our experts create a content management strategy that meets the clients’ specific business objectives. The offerings range from defining a roadmap to identifying the Fit-Gap analysis as well as health check services.
  • ECM Implementation: Datamatics manages both structured and unstructured data, and has successfully delivered best practices, business concepts, and strategic change initiatives for over 150 projects globally through its Centre of Excellence (CoE). This enables clients to establish a comprehensive data ecosystem comprising records, documents, multimedia, and other knowledge assets.
  • Business Process Management/Workflow: Datamatics’ delivers higher operational efficiencies, lower costs and better customer responsiveness through end-to-end integration of its workflow solutions across people, systems, and business objectives.
  • Enterprise Document and Records Management: Datamatics’ document management solutions provide end-to-end data visibility by effectively capturing, classifying, categorizing/indexing and managing unstructured data. This results in easy access to the archived records, while keeping a credible audit trail.
  • Case Management: Datamatics’ ECM frameworks provide client-facing employees access to real-time information (structured and unstructured) and analytics to address customer grievances and offer faster resolutions. Advanced integration with mobile applications enable anytime, anywhere access to case files, and reduces response time.
  • Enterprise Content Migration: Datamatics’ eContent Migrator helps mitigate migration risks by considering all compatibility requirements when moving high volumes of web content, documents, and other digital assets from the source to a variety of target ECM systems.

Till date, over 200 million documents and around 12TB of content have been migrated using the eContent Migrator.



Leverage the following migration methodologies offered by Datamatics to enhance the IT infrastructure and improve service delivery:

  • IBM FileNet Panagon to IBM FileNet P8
  • IBM FileNet P8 /CMOD to Documentum/Sharepoint
  • EMC Documentum to IBM FileNet
  • Hyland Onbase to Documentum / Xerox Docushare
  • Migration from SharePoint 2007 / SP2010 to SP2013
  • Interwoven Worksite/ Lotus Domino to IBM FileNet
  • OpenText HummingBird /Live Link to Sharepoint/FileNet/ Documentum
  • File System to IBM Filenet