Enterprise Content Management Helps an American Utility Organization to Centralize Records
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Enterprise Content Management Helps an American Utility Organization to Centralize Records


The client is a utility company based in Texas, USA. It is America's largest municipally owned energy utility, providing both natural gas and electric service. They serve about million electric customers and half-million natural gas customers.


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Enterprise Content Management case study


The client had implemented their digital journey starting 2015, where Datamatics helped them set up their ECM platform on IBM FileNet Content Manager and Document Capture on IBM DataCap. Organizational users continued to use the platform for over four years, generating much digital footprint for the company.

As the organization became digital savvy, it came with the responsibility of compliance adherence. The client had no digital means of associating retention policies to digital content to be purged as per the regulations.


Datamatics studied the licensing availability of IBM Enterprise Records since IBM FileNet was already an implemented ECM solution, accepted within the organization. Enterprise records do have the option of creating Fileplans using a well-defined user interface. However, the client's need was to develop 1700+ Record Categories, a very laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone activity.

Mapping templates were created to help business teams talk to individual organizational units and mapped as per Records Management Taxonomy. Datamatics development team created a utility read through these mappings and declare the records in bulk.


Centralized - ECM Case Study


Consistent retention policies across all records in the organization

Reduced Costs - Enterprise Content Management Case Study

Reduced Costs

By streamlining and centralizing records administration

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