Technology & AI today are catalysts to deliver unparalleled CX. Today, your customer expects a heightened level of CX where technology and AI emerge as the driving force to give this boost. “Companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in CX trends.” states a customer engagement report.

While we push boundaries with technology & AI, we also need to maintain a delicate balance in defining where technology is prime and where a human role needs to be defined. Elevated CX needs a symbiotic AI + Human relationship to deliver. 

The right technological intervention in the customers will help you understand, anticipate, and fulfill needs with unparalleled precision. But the right mix of AI + Human can create enduring connections setting higher standards in customer satisfaction.

What's in store for you?

  • How can you enable a technology ecosystem with AI at the core for better CX?
  • How will AI break silos to create ‘Hyper-Personalized Experiences’?
  • How AI can de-risk operations?
  • How can GenAI augment regular agents to become Super Agents?
  • How can automation improve efficiencies?
  • How can you save costs without compromising on CX?
  • Finally, how to maintain a Human + AI balance without compromising on customer experience




Sandeep Arora
President of Digital Experiences,


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Jake Braly
Chief Revenue Officer,


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Cano Wang
Director of CX Solution and Technology,

DB Banerjee
VP, Strategic GTM,

Praveer Chadha

Key Discussion Points

AI is an invisible friend

Gen-AI can compile and understand the customer's interaction history providing a comprehensive view of the customer's journey to the agents.

The role of AI is to empower individuals, simplify routine tasks, and enhance productivity allowing more focus on complex tasks rather than replacing human labor