Artificial Intelligence is playing a transformational role in the way contact centers operate and deliver today. With the rise in chatbots, virtual assistants, and automated systems, AI is revolutionizing the way businesses handle customer interactions, provide real-time support & deliver exceptional customer service each time. But with such rapid evolution in AI & technology in contact centers, it is crucial to strike a balance between Artificial Intelligence and Real Empathy.

We need to answer questions like - does the customer really want to be handled by a bot every time? Or do they expect human intervention while providing a real-time resolution? Do customers at every touch point want digital intervention? The simple answer is - no.

It is important for enterprises today to differentiate where AI & technology would play prime and where the human touch needs to be defined. It is crucial to ‘Humanize the Digital’ to create customer experiences that are personal, engaging, customized, and authentic at the same time. It is crucial to create Human-to-human interactions that are augmented by AI technologies. Simply because the future is not Human v/s AI.

Watch the webinar to understand how the future is about a Human + AI collaboration to build seamless loops between man and machine and deliver customer experiences the way you want it!




Japneet Bedi
Executive Director Patient Access Services,




Michael Gam
Consultant, Education Industry


Praveer Chadha
SVP, Customer Management Services,

Himanshu Manroa
Head of Solutioning, Datamatics

Key Discussion Points

With AI, human here just does not disappear, they become smarter

A Teacher will never lose his/her job to an AI but the teacher who does not use AI will lose their job to a teacher who knows AI

How to create experiences that are personal, engaging, customized and authentic at the same time