Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

A Premier International Airfare Travel Platform in North America Improves Customer Experience and NPS Through Omnichannel Transformation


The client is a global travel solutions provider catering to a diverse clientele since 1992. With a widespread presence, the client serves customers worldwide through its extensive network of partners and affiliates. The company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, operates seamlessly with a broad reach, connecting travellers and businesses across the globe.


Airlines and Aviation





The absence of seamless integration between the existing CRM tool and the client’s external call system resulted in frequent confusion, a lack of coordination, and challenges in prioritizing tickets. This led to an overall sense of disconnection and disjointedness within the team.

The reporting, ticket number calculations, escalation management, and average handling time determination were entirely manual, resulting in significant time consumption. This not only led to longer waiting and response times but also resulted in customer dissatisfaction.


Datamatics collaborated with the client and implemented an Omnichannel Platform, revolutionizing their customer service and management.

This transition from a manual to an automated approach included the introduction of real-time dashboards, advanced reporting analytics, and comprehensive call tracking and monitoring. The result was an exceptional management of customer expectations



50% increase in agent productivity

By leveraging automation


Improved productivity by 73%

Along with significant improvement in the reporting mechanism


Average wait time reduced to under 10 seconds from 4 minutes


Reduced Negative Comments by 70%

In 3 months

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