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Datamatics is a technology company that provides Intelligent Solutions for data-driven businesses to increase productivity and enhance the customer experience. The company’s portfolio of service offerings spans across Information Technology Services, Business Process Management, Engineering Services, and Big Data & Analytics all powered by Artificial Intelligence. It has established products in Robotics Process Automation, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Automated Fare Collection. Datamatics services over 500 customers globally across Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, International Organizations, and Media & Publishing. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has a presence across 4 continents with major delivery centers in the USA, India, and the Philippines with an employee base of 10,000.

Datamatics TruBot is an enterprise-grade multi-skilled bot that allows business users without any programming knowledge to design a bot at the click of a button.

Unleashing Innovation-
Rajesh Agarwal: Rajesh Agarwal is the SVP & Head of Robotic Process Automation at Datamatics Global Services Ltd. He has over two decades of experience in the IT and ITeS sectors with extensive knowledge in process engineering and innovative technology. A pioneer in the concept of Intelligent RPA since the past decade, he has been working with Fortune 500 companies, especially leading banks and insurance companies, helping them automate several front-end and backend processes that has led to enhanced productivity and higher business efficiency resulting in better customer experience. He has developed several innovative proprietary business solutions under the fine leadership of Dr. Lalit Kanodia, Chairman of Datamatics who is also known as the father of the Indian software industry. 

Creating Real Value
Datamatics TruBot is an enterprise-grade multi-skilled bot that allows business users without any programming knowledge to design a bot at the click of a button. TruBot has over 95 customers globally and has automated more than 800 processes across multiple industries including Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Logistics. It automates a range of simple as well as complex processes.

The product comes with two important modules:
• TruBot Designer: With TruBot Designer, anybody can design bots. Business users, who do not have any programming knowledge, can design the bot at the click of the button.
• TruBot Cockpit: With TruBot Cockpit, enterprises can take complete control of the RPA program. They can now centrally manage and monitor the entire bot workforce deployed across the enterprise.
TruBot also comes with additional platforms like TruCap+, TruBot Neuro, and TruBot Analytics.

Game-Changing Comprehensive Capabilities
The unique features of TruBot that make it stand out can be described as:
• Enterprise Grade Bot: Enterprise-grade bot which automates a range of simple as well as complex processes.
• Multi-skilled: One bot can perform multiple jobs thus reducing the need for multiple bot licenses.
• Anybody Can Design Bot: TruBot Designer will create the bot at the click of a button. Business users have to just start the visual recorder and record the process.
• Full Control of RPA Program: TruBot Cockpit allows users to take complete control of their Robotic Process Automation program centrally.
• Intelligent Data Capture Tool: Datamatics TruCap+ is an intelligent data capture solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fuzzy logic. It helps in intelligent data capture from various unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy. Cognitive Powers: With the integration of cognitive technologies like AI & ML, TruBot Neuro handles complex transactions which are generally reliant on human expertise and intervention.
• Flexibility of Deployment: High flexibility of bot deployment in the cloud, on-premise, and physical as well as virtual machines.

A Melting Point for Excellence
Once a leading North American provider of Transportation and Supply Chain Management products wanted to automate the process of formatting and validating the unstructured invoices received by email and upload the same to a legacy Mainframe System, for further processing, with minimal human intervention, higher accuracy, and faster Turn-Around-Time (TAT). The process was known as ‘Fuel Bill Upload’. The client had challenges as they received a huge volume of invoices in unstructured formats. The process was error-prone and cumbersome requiring rework resulting in payment delays. Datamatics took the challenge and helped the customer to improve the productivity of the fuel billing process using its RPA product, TruBot. With TruBot the cumbersome process of data management and validating an enormous load of unstructured invoices received in the email was automated with a significant reduction in TAT and highly accurate deliverables. The consolidated common file was uploaded to the Accounts Payable system for further processing and payment. The results were clear: 86% reduction in transaction processing time, a 75% reduction in FTE efforts and 100% accuracy in data posting. By adopting such highest standards of service quality and always delivering operational excellence, Datamatics has positioned itself as a leading player in RPA.

Datamatics has also won numerous accolades that further validates and establishes its excellence:

• Featured in Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: Consulting & System Integration Service Providers for RPA.
• Featured in Gartner’s Forecast Snapshot: Robotic Process Automation, Worldwide, 2018.
• Forrester recognized TruBot in Now Tech: RPA Services.
• TruBot in IDC’s RPA Vendor Assessment 2018.
• TruBot in Everest PEAK Matrix Assessment, 2018: RPA – Technology Vendor Landscape.
• NASSCOM recognized TruBot for Cognitive RPA – The Future of Automation.

• Won the CIO Choice 2019 Recognition for Robotic Process Automation.
• Won Best Cognitive Technology Provider by Computer Society of India.
• Won IMC Digital Technology Awards.
• Won Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2019.
• Won American Business Awards 2019.






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