How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Jul 25, 2013 12:29:00 PM

One bite at a time

The world as we know is getting more complex. Enterprises have only one arch nemesis, "CHANGE"; which is creating uncertainties at each level of economic environment. Technological evolution has paved the way for forward thinking organizations to continuously adopt, evolve and respond in real time. The flexibility to embrace change is; however, dependent on the organizational ability to embrace AGILITY. To thrive in the current economic climate, businesses need to become leaner, faster and agile.

The core concept of business agility is dependent on resilience and innovation. In the traditional times, agility was referred to only as an organization’s strength to adapt to market requirements. While now, agility is perceived as the company's ability to tap into innovation and attain success in the ever-evolving & unpredictable business environment. Adoption of smarter business processes, acceleration of application and service delivery, while gaining actionable insights by data-driven analytics are the key components for any organization to become agile. The entire process of assessing and cleansing data to transform it into intelligence plays a key role in enabling an agile approach within the organization. It is imperative to realize this journey of data to intelligence and align it with processes that would improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Enterprises that integrate an agile framework create close IT partnerships for project delivery that help them in strategic positioning. This is essential especially at a time when the world is surging through an information explosion and the traditional methods of customer service are proving inadequate. New-channel engagements with customers ensure customer intimacy which further enhances the agile outlook of the organization and eliminates the risk of them losing their customers to competition. With advances in social media, the customer of today is much more informed and has multiple platforms to express his opinion. Today, organizations can ably develop a new level of customer centrism and personalization which was not possible a few years back. Business agility is a survival need of every enterprise.

The time has now come for enterprises to enable innovation in business agility by creating decentralized systems and empowering teams to take faster actions. CEOs around the world should now start recognizing the value of business agility not only as an operational need but as a powerful catalyst for their growth and sustenance. Business Agility is one such elephant that organizations need to break down into multi-process morsels to savor the taste of customer success.

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