Leap Frog Your Enterprise Performance With Digital Technologies

Feb 19, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Mumbai, February 19, 2019: By Navin Gupta, EVP & Head-BPM Services, Datamatics

Navin has over 26 years of experience in managing operations, software & services delivery, system analysis & design and many other areas. Also, he has a rich experience of working in both IT Outsourcing and Manufacturing setups.

Digital is increasingly becoming the way ahead. Spends on legacy system maintenance and out-ofsupport ware issues are huge drain on enterprise resources. Hence, enterprises need to look for ways to streamline enterprise functioning and boost their productivity. Here, new age Digital Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Machine Learning (ML), and many more, not only function as seamless adjuncts to existing systems, but also step-up enterprise performance.

Today, smart digital technologies are making machines intelligent. Now, they can perform pattern analysis through supervised learning algorithms. They can parse millions of documents and classify them into A, B, C, and such hundreds & thousands of categories. Depending on this classification, they can identify and correlate to the client’s/ prospect’s queries and send auto-email responses with high precision. Un-supervised learning algorithms go a step ahead and parse millions of documents, self-learn, and continuously evolve to identify new categories. Another interesting example would be the use of this technology to digitize and auto-classify piles of free-text documents,  such as medical records, mortgage papers, home-loan supporting documents, and many others for easy storage,  quick search, and real-time retrieval. Two more utilitarian instances are the use of Genomics in Anti Money Laundering and issues related to national security. With the use of data mining and specific pattern detection, the algorithms can identify outliers and planned organized crime whether it is conducted using the banking machinery or by using social media. The smart technologies not only enable a business to stay lean & safe, but also elevate the game and stay competitive.

It is interesting to note that, a technology ‘transition’ from point A to point B may be a challenge. However, a ‘digital transformation,’ though colossal is easier for enterprises to imagine and implement, especially by using solutions, which are highly interoperable with existing IT estate. Enterprises just need the digital savvy, design thinking, and deep domain expertise, to leap frog their performance to the next level.

While implementing Digital Technology, businesses may experience many shortfalls. This is because digital interventions are usually applied to the customer interfaces or front ends of the system. The middle and back offices are almost always neglected. Hence, while going digital, enterprises also face challenges in terms of imagining the end-to-end solutions for necessary business outcomes.

While envisaging a digital overhaul, enterprises can take cue from the following thumb rules:

1. Lean-Out & Re-Imagine Solutions: Enterprises have to think lean based on lean philosophy, while developing their technology transformation roadmaps. In consultation with Business Process Management experts, they need to rethink their processes and put to paper the blueprint that will optimize their systems & workflows. The legacy systems can still co-exist in archival mode. The enterprise can deploy new-age solutions that are perfect adjuncts and are interoperable with legacy systems. In an era of Service Optimization, this is a quintessential antidote.

2. End-to-End Solutions: Enterprises need not think end-to-end ‘Digital Transformations’. However, they definitely need to think end-to-end ‘solutions’. They need to think about technology solutions, where there is a continuous workflow and no show stoppers if a procedural step has skipped-off somebody’s mind. By going digital, the enterprise ensures that the processes work seamlessly and are not person-specific; people are cogs in the wheel instead of being the wheel hub. The thinking through of a process to envisage such complete solutions is mandatory in stepping-up the productivity of the enterprise.

3. Digital Technologies to Leverage Work Streams: Automation is not an end in itself, thinking smart is. Today’s smart technologies such as AI, Robotics, ML, and many others provide the much-needed launch pad for streamlining enterprise work structure and boosting productivity. These technologies have a high potential for exponential growth and development in the future. The precision with which these technologies can cull-out actionable intelligence even from dark data is marvelous and worth every bit of the investment.

An enterprise has to think lean for stepping-up productivity. New age digital technologies help enterprises stay lean, function as seamless adjuncts, and step-up performance of the existing IT estate. To put it simply, an enterprise can leap frog its performance by going digital and reap quick ROI.

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