Datamatics – Supporting Clients in their Data-to-Intelligence Journey

Jul 7, 2015 10:00:00 AM

New Jersey, July 07, 2015: Datamatics Global Services Ltd. (DGSL) has been a partner to several Fortune 500 companies globally, for providing them with IT and BPO services & solutions. The core of Datamatics lies in its ability to manage any kind of data; be it structured, semi-structured or unstructured data; and how they can make data intensive processes more efficient using smart platforms. The company is also focused on providing new age solutions for the digital world.

Enterprises world over are faced with the dual challenge: ‘urgency to manage business-as-usual’ and at the same time ‘invest prudently in the changing business dynamics’. This requires companies to adopt a Bi-modal approach, which is continuing with the traditional way for business-as-usual and be agile to leverage the opportunities that are being created by the new age disruptive technologies.

Datamatics has the experience to manage large & complex IT & BPO engagements. Over the last few decades, the company has been delivering value through increased efficiencies and service performance. Some of its clients have achieved productivity gains and cost savings of up to 200%. At the same time to remain relevant to the enterprises of tomorrow, Datamatics has invested in developing capabilities in the space of digital technology including social media, mobility, analytics and business process management.

Transcend information explosion
Datamatics believes that its service offerings are distinguished by its integrated approach to technology and operations, operating excellence and internally-developed intellectual capital for managing the information technology and business process functions of its customers.
Datamatics has a treasure trove of knowledge and experience spanning across multiple computing platforms and technologies, which enables the firm to address a range of business needs and to function as a virtual extension of its clients’ IT departments.

The company provides a comprehensive range of services that transcend F&A, Enterprise Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration and Portals, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Big Data, Application Development, Support & Testing, Engineering &Embedded solutions and Mobility. And these solutions and services span across section of industries including Banking & Finance, Healthcare Insurance, Manufacturing, Market Research, Publishing, Retail and International Organizations.

Founded by Dr. Kanodia (who had earlier founded TCS), Datamatics has many firsts to its credit and has received several prestigious awards for innovation and quality service. Continuing the trend to innovate for enhanced customer engagement & experience, Datamatics has established an incubation and R&D cell; and several initiatives around Digital Transformation are under way. At the same time, the company continues to invest in developing smart automation solutions for improved efficiencies.

Focus areas
Underlying every business insight is data and this data is growing exponentially. This is forcing enterprises to integrate new technologies and find new ways to use data and insights as a competitive advantage. “Datamatics’ team has the expertise and experience to walk its clients through their Data-to-Intelligence journey; from Data Collation to Data Management, Data Cleansing & Migration to Analytics and extracting Intelligence from Enterprise Data, including analyzing of unstructured data. And this differentiates us from other IT service providers,” explains Rahul Kanodia- Vice Chairman & CEO, DGSL, on the new age technology initiatives at Datamatics.

An age of accelerating digital transformation
In early days of computing, technology played a key role in improving the efficiency and accuracy through automation. However, today technology has evolved to a different level and is becoming more pervasive in all industries. The result is an exponential increase in the pace of evolution in the products and services that we experience in our daily lives. In short, every business is becoming a digital business. In many instances, digitization has moved technology to the forefront of delivering a competitive advantage.

However, building a digital business is more than technology. It requires enterprises to rethink about how they work. To realize the potential of digitization; enterprises need to have a digital strategy and a roadmap. Datamatics team is well placed to help its clients to transform into a truly digital, data-driven enterprise and empowers them to take advantage of the digital revolution to innovate, differentiate and grow. Datamatics can help its clients to formulate their Digital Strategy; define their mobile strategy; create solutions for their customers and their employees that provide access to applications from anywhere on any device.

The company’s focused approach over the last few decades has led it to several awards and recognitions. These recognitions stand as testimony to how Datamatics has upheld its track record of satisfying its customers as it continued to grow. Last year, the company made it to the list of fastest growing IT companies listed on the BSE. “To continue our growth trajectory, we shall remain focused on providing support to our enterprise customers in their ‘Data to Intelligence’ journey and also assist them into shaping as tomorrow’s digital enterprises”, added Rahul.

The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.”- Douglas Engelbar


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