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Oct 5, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Mumbai, October 05, 2015: 

Interview with Rahul Kanodia, Vice Chairman & CEO, Datamatics Global Services Ltd.

Tell us something about Datamatics’ core value proposition of helping its clients in their Data to Intelligence’ journey?
The word “Datamatics” comes from Data & Automatic. The Genesis of Datamatics was around automatic processing of Data through smart systems; and Datamatics has always focused on smart technologies that manage data automatically i.e. with minimal human interaction.

Today data is at the core of every business. It has become more pervasive and more important than it has ever been.  The variety of sources through which data or information is generated, the volume of data being generated and, the speed or velocity which it is being generated is mind boggling. This has given rise to Big Data Analytics.  This discipline essentially focuses on managing high volumes, disparate variety, and unstructured data and analyzing them to extract intelligence and insights which are crucial to give a company a competitive advantage.

Datamatics focus on managing enterprise data life cycle from its inception (womb) to its end (tomb). We have been helping our global clients in realizing business value from various datasets. As an IT & BPO organization, we help our customers convert ‘Data to Information’, Information to Insight’ and ‘Insight to Intelligence’. Our clients have benefited by gaining end-to-end operational visibility across business processes, thereby enabling better business decisions.
Datamatics’ core value proposition is delivering enterprise productivity and leveraging enterprise data to deliver a competitive advantage by walking its clients through their ‘Data to Intelligence’ journey. 

Datamatics recently acquired 1KEYsuite of BI solutions from MAIA Intelligence. How do you see this adding value to your clients?
1 Key provided a very easy to use and light weight Data Visualization & BI Solution. Since acquisition, we have significantly enhanced 1Key in terms of features and performance and are launching an upgraded version called nSights. ‘nSights’ stands for innumerable insights that we help provide to our customers.

Over the years, we have managed to carve our own niche, based on our focus on helping our clients in their ‘Data to Intelligence’ journey. In this journey, BI & Analytics are important elements, and Datamatics has been providing solutions based on Cognos, QlikView and Tableau. The addition of nSights suite of products to the other BI solutions that we support has fortified our position in the BI & Analytics space. Our current and enhanced suit of products enables us to generate greater strategic value for our clients. 

In what ways do you think Digital Transformation is impacting the organizations?
Digital revolution is reshaping the way business is done. It is creating new business opportunities and can present a competitive edge, but this requires redefining the role of IT. To continue to grow in the digital world, enterprises need to reconsider their use of technology in every aspect of business.

Datamatics has the expertise to help its clients create and execute their digital strategy by leveraging combination of traditional and new age technologies. These include information management, portal solutions, social networks, mobility, BI & analytics, cloud and BPM.

Our team of experts can help enterprises not only survive but also thrive in this digital world and generate future revenue and future value. 

What is your view on using Big Data Analytics?
Today, every business is a digital business and a prerequisite for effective digital business is the ability to manage big data which is unprecedented volume, velocity and variety of information flows. However, dealing with the sheer complexity of this data in order to derive any meaningful insights to help make business decisions quicker and with higher quality requires adoption of higher levels of analytic capabilities. These capabilities ensure that organizations are able to sift through the insurmountable data and derive business insights.

In our experience, though enterprises realize that investment in big data analytics solutions can add significant value to their business, there are clear gaps between in its consideration, deployment and real added value. This is where companies like Datamatics can help organizations formulate their digital strategy that leverages big data analytics.

It is important that no matter how small a step towards reaping the benefits of big data might be; it must still be taken in order to capitalize on an organization’s data to improve decision making, respond to changes in customer demand and seize upon new business opportunities. Today, many companies are struggling to leverage Big Data Analytics, however, is remains a crucial component that, if leveraged well, can give a significant competitive edge to any company. There is a crying need in the industry for smart solutions in this space. 

Where do you see India in your growth plans?
India is part of our geographical growth strategy and we firmly believe that India as a market will continue to grow for IT & BPO companies. Especially with the deluge of information and digital transformation changing the way business is done, there is a huge need for adoption of new age technologies. Seen from this angle, the Indian market is not that different from the rest of the world.

Our clients in India can gain from our experience and expertise of having worked with global leaders across industry sectors. We see India more as an IP lead market for processing high volumes of enterprise information. Hence banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies, tend to be ideal customers because they are very information driven organizations.

Consequently, our approach in India has been on the back of smart platforms that give us a significant advantage over competition.  As a result we have been gaining market share very rapidly. 

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