Hyperautomate your business processes to improve business efficiency

ServiceNow dramatically improves your work processes through Hyperautomation. It enables you to automate siloed processes in your business as well as your larger operating business ecosystem. It enables you to adopt a digital platform and create more value for your internal and external customers by innovating at scale and speed. ServiceNow enables small to medium businesses and large conglomerates to work smart through Digital Transformation. ServiceNow enables Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Banking and Financial Services, Government, Education, Telco, Energy & Utilities, Service Providers, and many more realize their true potential through automation.

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Datamatics ServiceNow CoE


HR Service Delivery – HRSD

  • Digitize employee onboarding and transition
  • Automate employee journey management
  • Deploy a unified portal for employee engagement
  • Enable AI-powered employee request resolution

IT Service Management – ITSM

  • Deploy an Incident Management collaboration platform for faster service restoration
  • Institutionalize Problem Management for root cause analysis
  • Accelerate change through an automated Change Management platform
  • Deploy AI-powered Request Management platform for employee self-service

Security Operations – SECOPS

  • Automate Security Incidence Response for quick remediation through workflow automation
  • Institutionalize Vulnerability Response for efficient prioritization and remediation
  • Deploy Configuration Compliance for faster remediation of misconfigured software
  • Use AI-powered Threat Intelligence for adding context and threat analysis
  • Build Performance Analytics dashboards with security-specific KPIs
  • Institutionalize Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Incidence Response in association with SECOPS

Customer Service Management – CSM

  • Automate Task Intelligence to boost customer satisfaction through agent efficiency
  • Create Customer Service playbooks and manage case flows through service process automation
  • Automate Agent Workspace and boost productivity with guided resolution across a single view
  • Support customers through omnichannel customer management
  • Automate work assignment and route tasks to the best agents based on agent profile
  • Institutionalize case management and seamlessly manage customer interactions and SLAs

Field Service Management – FSM

  • Optimize field service schedules and improve productivity with automation
  • Automate field service planning and management through a configurable digital interface
  • Manage inventory, assets, and related costs through a single automated repository interface
  • Institutionalize Dynamic Scheduling and appoint the best person and equipment for each task
  • Enable mobility platforms for field service executives and manage tasks and inventory on the go
  • Deploy virtual agents/chat bots for faster issue resolution and scale operations

Governance, Risk, Compliance – GRC

  • Manage compliance and policy lifecycles through continuous monitoring across a digital platform
  • Proactively drive Risk Management through automated business impact analysis risk response
  • Institutionalize Business Continuity Management for effective and efficient recovery from disasters
  • Deploy Vendor Risk Management practices and benchmarks through continuous monitoring and remediation
  • Integrate Operational Risk Management practices as part of an enterprise GRC program
  • Build real-time enterprise resilience visibility through Operational Resilience Management

IT Operations Management – ITOM

  • Gain seamless ITOM visibility across On-premise and Cloud data centers through AIOps
  • Build seamless Service Mapping with business services and IT components in agile environments
  • Proactively manage the enterprise Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates
  • Continuously track firewall policies and conduct proactive firewall audits
  • Perform seamless Configuration Management by tracking dependencies between IT services
  • Gain visibility into business service health and reduce event floods through Event Management

Strategic Portfolio Management – SPM

  • Conduct Performance Analysis between different KPIs and metrics for seamless customer service
  • Build location-wise Demand Management dashboards for seamlessly managing demand
  • Conduct proactive Resource Management through real-time visibility of staff and its availability
  • Perform Innovation Management by sourcing ideas across the enterprise and innovate at scale
  • Execute seamless Scenario Planning through simulation of different investment scenarios
  • Conduct Project Portfolio Management across your project management lifecycle

Datamatics Advantage

Certified Resources

Engage 24x7 support through trained and certified ServiceNow professionals


Deploy seamless governance policies and practices across all horizontals


Engage mobility apps for seamless execution of ServiceNow solutions

Performance Analytics

Conduct seamless performance analysis across all ServiceNow solutions across KPIs


Innovate at scale by using different ServiceNow modules

Automated Test Framework

Deploy automated testing frameworks (ATFs) for faster time-to-market


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A Leading Digital Marketplace Company Increased Cost Efficiency by 45% with a Field Service Management App

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A leading door-opening solutions provider enhances performance with real-time dashboards & analytics

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Realize value with ServiceNow-powered Self-learning Digital Virtual agents

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