Transform patient management and optimize patient conversion with DXHealth+ on Salesforce – the premier solution for revolutionizing healthcare providers.

At the forefront of healthcare, patient well-being remains paramount, underscoring the importance of digital patient engagement in achieving this goal. DXHealth+ healthcare accelerator empowers Elective Healthcare providers to streamline Patient Relationship Management, ensuring exceptional patient experiences.


Exceptional patient experience with DXHealth+ on the Salesforce Platform

Lead Automation-01-01

Lead Automation

With DXHealth+, streamline and integrate various lead sources, including social media handles, websites, and marketing campaigns. Benefit from a unified view of all leads and automate lead scoring, tracking, and conversion, enhancing efficiency and maximizing opportunities.

Improve Opportunity Tracking-01

Improve Opportunity Tracking

Precise tracking of sales opportunities for consultations and surgical procedures. Monitor statuses, values, and all interactions (calls, emails, SMS), facilitating personalized services tailored to each patient's preferences. With DXHealth+, elevate patient satisfaction and operational efficiency to new heights.

Better Patient Management-01

Better Patient Management

Optimizes patient relationship management by tracking non-medical patient data, contact details, referral history, appointments, procedures, and marketing interactions, providing a comprehensive 360-degree overview for enhanced operational efficiency.

Streamline MD Management-01

Streamline MD Management

Effortlessly manage the partner network of medical professionals with MD Management. The advanced features of DXHealth+ enable tracking interactions, monitoring referrals and associated values, and designating co-management programs within the same platform.

Seamless Integration-01

Seamless Integration

A preconfigured solution, seamlessly integrating with Digital Marketing Channels, Document Generation Systems, E-Signature Solutions, etc. This integration empowers practices to maintain patient relationships and manage customer experiences within a unified ecosystem.

Actionable Insights via Reports & Dashboards-01

Actionable Insights via Reports & Dashboards

Provides teams with customized reports and dashboards tailored to the practice's needs, offering insights for sales pipeline, consultation conversion rates, surgical performance analytics, elective healthcare services, and MD management.


Website Integration-01 

Website Integration

Seamlessly transfer leads to EHA, generate opportunities, and notify the sales team.

Invoicing and Payments-01 

Invoicing and Payments

Create and send invoices from opportunities, handle payments online and offline, automate overdue notices, and analyze financial performance.

Case Management-01 

Case Management

Record patient service requests, assign tasks to the appropriate team, and monitor resolution progress.



Exchange text messages within Salesforce for sales and patient communications, confirmations, and reminders. Telephony Integration: Use PC-based softphone within Salesforce for call management.

Collaboration Messaging Integration-01 

Collaboration/Messaging Integration

Receive real-time notifications on Slack or Teams for various updates like new leads, closed opportunities, overdue invoices, and appointments.

e-Signature Document Integration-01 

e-Signature Document Integration

Manage consent forms and other patient documents seamlessly within Salesforce.

Email Marketing Integration-01 

Email Marketing Integration

Sync and manage email subscribers, send and track emails directly from Salesforce. Surveys: Conduct and analyze surveys directly within Salesforce, providing valuable insights for improvement.


Real-Time Analytics-01

Real-Time Analytics

Access custom reports for patient Pipeline, Consultation Converts, Surgical Performance, and Repeat Consultations.



Seamlessly integrate with Digital Marketing, Document Generation, and eSignature solutions.

EHR Integration-01

EHR Integration

Effortlessly connect with industry-leading EHR Systems through pre-built integration connectors.

Revenue Increase-01

Revenue Increase

Proven track record in integrating various sources to attract more patients.

Patient Management-01

Patient Management

Comprehensive end-to-end patient relationship management system.

MD Management-01

MD Management

Centralized tracking of all MDs and referrals within your partner network.




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