Datamatics recognized as Star Performer in Everest Group Robotic Process Automation products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019

Aug 22, 2019 1:00:18 PM

Mumbai, August 22, 2019: Datamatics Global Services Ltd. (DGSL), a global IT & BPM company, today announced that it has been recognized as a Star Performer in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology Vendors 2019 for its product TruBot. The report provides a detailed view of the RPA technology vendor landscape and a thorough assessment of the various RPA technology solutions across several key dimensions.

The report mentions TruBot as an intuitive enterprise-grade RPA product with key modules like TruCap+ to process structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, TruBot Neuro - AI-powered solution that enables the digital workforce to process unstructured data, and TruBot Analytics to provide monitoring and analytics capabilities on robot/license utilization. Everest Group further mentions that reference clients have appreciated its product support and ability to support development for complex use cases.  

“Datamatics has made substantial investments to enhance the enterprise value proposition of its RPA offering,” said Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group. “These include the addition of several core RPA features and functionalities across key areas, such as robot development, control & management, analytics, and security, as well as augmenting RPA with proprietary AI and machine learning capabilities for processing semi-structured and unstructured data.”

Mr. Mitul Mehta, SVP & Head, Marketing & Communications, Datamatics Global Services Ltd. said, “RPA has been a key focus area for Datamatics. We have made significant investments in strengthening our product portfolio and our integrated suite of intelligent offerings will give an edge to the customers in the intelligent automation era. We are delighted to be recognized as Star Performer in Everest Group Robotic Process Automation products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019.

Datamatics TruBot is an enterprise-grade, multi-skilled RPA product that automates a range of repetitive and rule-based processes. TruBot has more than 96 customers globally and has automated over 800 processes. TruBot has other advanced platforms including TruBot Neuro (TruBot with AI), TruCap+ (Intelligent Document Processing Solution), and TruBot Analytics.

Access the report here

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