Datamatics Recognized as the Best Cognitive Technology Provider

Dec 18, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Mumbai, December 18, 2018: Global Services Ltd. (DGSL), a global IT & BPM company, announced today that it has been recognized as the Best Cognitive Provider of the Year 2018 at IT Innovation & Excellence Awards by of India, 

is recognized for its (RPA) product, which helped a leading in to automate their credit limit extension process. enabled the client to automate an end-to-end complex, repetitive, and error prone process of Cash Credit and Overdraft Facility limit extension that has a high impact on end-customer credibility. The automation helped the client to execute all credit limit extensions in real time with 100% accuracy.

Commenting on the occasion, Mitul Mehta - & Head-Marketing & Communications, Datamatics Global Services Ltd., said, "has enabled numerous banks in and around the world to automate several critical processes across retails assets, retails liabilities, global trade services, corporate and  We are happy to be recognized as the best cognitive provider by of "

Datamatics TruBot is a versatile, multi-skilled bot that automates a range of repetitive and rule-based processes without any manual intervention. TruBot has 95 customers globally and has automated more than 800 processes across multiple industries including Banking, Insurance, and 

About IT Innovation & Excellence Awards

The IT Innovation & Excellence Awards by of India, (CSI) recognizes the best in the area of Cognitive and allied IT Industry including IoT, RPA, Innovative use of bots, Robotics, Innovative applications of cognitive application combine (including AR/VR), Advanced AI Application, and Machine Learning, Block chain. The leading organizations & individuals are honored and awarded for their innovation and excellence in this sector.

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