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Creating Compelling Customer Experiences


Industry 4.0 coupled with easily accessible internet, new technologies, technological advancements and internet trends are transforming enterprise web portals. More collaborative, socially interactive and user experience driven, they empower users to harness the potential of content, data, and design.

Datamatics has a dedicated practice that focuses on enterprise portal development, content management, and collaboration. Datamatics leverages various collaboration platforms and technologies to provide solutions that meet your enterprise’s specific needs.

A healthy amalgamation of user experience design and workflow on the backdrop of a safe and secure digital collaboration platform, Datamatics enterprise portal practice enables businesses to leverage their brand on the fulcrum of seamless digital user experience for their customers.

The enterprise web portal is the main identity of a business in the public domain and assumes a strong presence in the omni-channel customer interaction. Through a highly responsive design and web portal development, Datamatics enables brands to guide their customers’ through a unique and user-specific digital journey.

The integrated front-end and back-end enables the business to keep track of their visitors as well as leads in an agile environment and enhances the user experience through guided follow-ups across their knowledge management assets.




Web portal projects

Center of Excellence

Highlights the joint capability of Microsoft and Datamatics and are a rich source of subject matter expertise to clients


Person-months of portal experience


Digital Portal Development Strategy And Consulting

Datamatics combines exposure and understanding of best practices with experience in enterprise application development to deliver a comprehensive portal strategy which includes user interface, content delivery, web services and portal management.

With a proficiency of delivering unique user journey, Datamatics enables businesses to deliver an enhanced user experience over their company portal. 

Digital Portal Development

Technology architecture and design services for enterprise portal

Based on the roadmap and architecture developed during the assessment and specification stage, Datamatics delivers custom-built solutions with comprehensive business logic, efficient performance, and business and technical scalability.

Datamatics lays a high focus on user experience design in line with best practices in the industry and aligned with Agile DevOps paradigm.

Technology Architecture And Design Service

Enterprise Portal Development

Datamatics offers robust, reliable and secure portal development services according to the needs of the clients, for various industry verticals and their business requirements, such as:

  • Collaboration services
  • Document management (Digital docs and media)
  • B2C ecommerce
  • Business intelligence
  • Knowledge management
  • Application and web services
  • Self service
Enterprise Portal Development

Support and Maintenance

Datamatics offers systematic maintenance of portals and websites, including updating content, graphics, other knowledge management assets as well as adding new elements, design features, and functionalities. It also provides ITIL based support in an agile environment to support the brand image.

Support And Maintenance

Digital Migration

Datamatics has Centers of Excellence (CoEs) that highlight the joint capability of Microsoft and Datamatics and are a rich source of subject matter expertise to clients. These CoEs combine Datamatics industry, application, process expertise and its delivery tool-set, with Microsoft software and middleware solutions and services and enable businesses with digital migration from their existing portal.

Digital Migration


SharePoint Enterprise Portal Development Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint

SiteCore -Enterprise Portal Development Solutions


Drupal - Enterprise Portal Development Solutions


Liferay - Enterprise Portal Development Solutions



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