Banks Increases Productivity with Salesforce Implementation Case Study
Case Study

A Leading North American Logistics Giant Reduces Cycle Time By 40% with a Line Haul Mobile App


The client is one of the leading American carriers, providing less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload, distribution and consolidation, and logistics services.





As the client has multiple applications they need to have SSO (Single Sign-On) so that their drivers don’t have to remember the credentials for all the different applications.

The client wanted to build a solution that could help their drivers have a real-time view of their dispatch schedule on their provided Zebra devices. The solution also had to be the central point of communication for the central dispatch team to monitor the dispatch schedule, and share updates in real-time to reduce wait cycles and costs.


Datamatics developed a Linehaul mobile app for the clients’ drivers that could receive the update from the terminal regarding the dispatch schedule and update the schedule as required

Datamatics also implemented caching as a part of offline capabilities to facilitate offline continuity and accessibility for critical documents.

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23% Reduction

in wait times for IVR information

Faster resolution time

40% Reduction

in cycle times with real-time information exchange

Increase in agent Productivity
27% Increase

in uptime due to offline documentation

Increased Employee Retention

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