Data Portals to Enable UN Organisation in Monitoring SDGs and Provide Assistance Case Study

Data Portals to Enable UN Organisation in Monitoring SDGs and Provide Assistance


The client is an international organisation aimed at maintaining peace and development of economically weaker countries and regions of the world


International Organization


The under-developed countries in the world face issues related to hunger, water, sanitation, health, education etc. The United Nations organisations as part of their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) need to address these issue and work towards development of these nations.

In addition to organizing funds for attaining the SDGs, UN organizations are expected to maintain total transparency in managing these funds and also report on how effectively these funds are utilized for achieving SDGs. Further, UN Organizations need to provide means to monitor the progress of their programs.

Getting the data from hundreds of countries, for various KPIs related to SDGs, provide aid, plan program delivery, analyse effectiveness and further present all of it in an easy to grasp manner for their Donors and public at large is the challenge UN Organizations need to address.


Datamatics developed Data Portals for many UN Organizations in order to address the stated challenge.

Datamatics Data Portals helped UN Organizations in reporting on their KPIs related to SDGs. The key topics covered by Datamatics Data Portals are Water, Sanitation, Maternal Health, Education, Gender Equality, Poverty, Hunger, Biodiversity and Ecosystem etc.

The data is presented in the form of interactive dashboards that help UN Organizations to monitor their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Datamatics Data Portals, built on Drupal, enable UN organisations in presenting how grave the situation is; country wise, distribution of program expense and the impact achieved by UN program delivery resulting in total transparency.

The portal developed by Datamatics recently won an award at Webby 2020


Decision Making Improved

Decision Making Improved

The portal enabled the client in making faster decisions and provide assistance.

SDG Monitoring - Online Portal Development Case Study

SDG Monitoring

The data helped the client in managing their sustainable development goals and prioritize activities.