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Customization of Access Control in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Customized Roles

MS Azure-powered Cloud Native applications enable you to create custom roles over and above the in-built roles. MS Azure has a set of in-built roles that are used to delegate permissions toward role-based access to the different resources of the Cloud Native application. The custom roles can have only the required level of permissions that are a sub-set of the privileges of the in-built MS Azure roles. These custom roles can be assigned to users, groups, and service principals, as required. This enables delegating limited access to user and guest communities. It also enables you to periodically review and revise the access and privileges to the different user communities.

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Key Takeaways

MS Azure offers  creation of custom roles for Role-based Access.

Cloud Native applications hosted on MS Azure can now have custom roles.

The custom roles can be assigned only the required levels of privileges.

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