CX Analytics

Leveraging data from each touch point across the customer journey to deliver actionable insights & tangible business impact

Customer Acquisition Solution

Datamatics CX Analytics enables businesses to derive data-driven insights to deliver better and consistent customer experience. We enable real-time and actional insights across customer behavior, markets, competitors, and demand. Our offerings address a broad trajectory, including operational analytics, contact center workforce performance, customer experience measurement, customer and marketing insights, voice of the customer analysis in an omnichannel environment, sentiment analysis, to omnichannel marketing & lead generation analytics, and business revenue KPIs analytics. Datamatics CX Analytics enables businesses to identify gaps and take corrective actions through intelligent interventions, and take their data maturity to the next level to gain a 360-degree view of the customer.

Datamatics CX Analytics Offerings

Pre-sales Support  - Customer Acquisition Solutions

Contact Center Operational Analytics

  • Generate interaction-driven insights for workforce management
  • Derive 360-degree view of KPIs, such as call hold time, drop rate, transfer rate, AHTs, FCRs, etc.
  • Retrieve Call Volumetrics & Disposition/Outcomes
  • Forecast seasonal fluctuations for staffing and competency development
  • Generate insights about agent performance and satisfaction
Tele-Sales & Pre-Sales Support - Customer Acquisition Solutions

Customer Experience Measurement

  • Generate voice of the customer (VoC) insights with Speech & Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis
  • Forecast the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Build What-If analysis and KPI simulators
  • Create Contact Driver Analysis to identify and bridge the CX gaps
  • Build recommendation engines & next best actions frameworks
Tele-Sales & Pre-Sales Support - Customer Acquisition Solutions

Customer and Marketing Insights

  • Build Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) for Campaign Effectiveness
  • Generate CRM analytics for Loyalty Marketing
  • Build on Hyper-personalization for targeted customers
  • Generate product clustering for cross-sell/upsell and bundled offerings
  • Generate analytics for customer attrition/churn & lapse
  • Create marketing & lead generation analytics

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